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So… you’re planning your next vacation with little or no idea of how to make it a memorable experience? Let us take care of it!

If the weather’s nice, you’re #markedsafe! We’ve got the perfect activities for you and camping games for adults are one of our go-to choices! Summer has always been the best time to step out of that door and explore the world, and now you have the perfect opportunity to fit in some activities that can perform well far from home. 

If the weather’s not that nice, we’ve also got some fun indoor games that can be played during vacays or get-togethers. Check them out on our website! However, today’s focus will be on camping games for adults. These are great for outdoor team buildings, family gatherings, or backyard random parties. Let’s see what you need for the ones we’ve prepped for you.

Funny camping games for adults

1. How’s yours?

This is a camping game for adults that requires some thinking. It’s best played around a campfire in large groups of people. So if you’re more than 10, you’re good to go! Ask one player to leave for a couple of minutes, and while they’re gone, see what everyone in the group has. It can be a physical possession – such as an umbrella, a watch, or a car – body parts – like lips or fingers – and even a moral trait – a dark sense of humor.

Tell the player when it’s okay to come back. Now, he/she must quiz the group individually by asking, “How’s yours?”, while every person in the group must answer with 1 or 2 words that describe the possession agreed upon in secret. Make it more challenging by going for clever adjectives that are accurate in their description but do not easily give away the secret.

Check out some ideas for this camping game for adults:

  • Pet
  • Lock of hair
  • Credit card
  • Child
  • First kiss
  • Arrogance
  • Feelings for someone in the group

2. Air pong

Have you heard of ping pong? You definitely have! Well, this one is air pong! For this camping game for adults, you will need a table and 2 equal teams. Each team should choose a side on the table. They will be hitting the ball back and forth across the table until a team does not return the ball, and it falls off the table. Players should do their best to be as fast as possible and to leave a high impact on the ball.

3. Bocce ball

‘Bocce ball’ + Camping games for adults = Match made in heaven. This one can be played anywhere on any type of terrains such as the beach or wooded areas.

For ‘Bocce ball’, you will need 2 teams. They can consist of 1, 2, 3, or 4 players. Start by asking the teams to choose their side randomly. Next, they have to throw a small ball called ‘a jack’ up to 16 feet away but further than 8 feet. If the first team misses 2 times, the other team gets to place the jack themselves. The first team to bowl tries to get their 4 larger balls closest to the jack, with the score based on 1 point for each ball that is closer than the other team’s ball.

*Note: The balls must be thrown underhand and the jack can be knocked away. So can the other team’s ball or balls. 

4. Target small gate

This game is simple, yet competitive and exciting. The players will aim to pass the ball through a small gate. Use any handy piece – you could go for a cone or a box – and set up the gate 5 meters away. Once the players have mastered the first gate, increase the distance continuously until you have a winner. You should eliminate anyone that doesn’t aim the gate correctly.

5. The alphabet game

This is one of the fun camping games for adults that does not require much movement. You should try it when you’re chilling off. The players will write words starting with the whole alphabet – from A to Z. The words can range from objects, animals, places, and so on and so forth. Another version of ‘The Alphabet’ game is where a player has to spell a word that starts with A and the next player will pick up the last alphabet of the spelling and spell another word.

6. The psychiatrist

Decide which player gets to be the psychiatrist, then ask them to leave the room. The rest of the players must settle upon a psychological disease they have and for this one, they can get as creative as possible! Feel free to look up some ideas online, to make things as challenging as possible for the doc’! 

*Tip: It could also be an inside joke between the grown-ups.

When you’ve decided, ask the psychiatrist to come back. The player must try to discover what is wrong with them by making note of their strange behavior and asking questions.

If a player lies, another one must yell ‘Psychiatrist!’ and switch places with them. The game ends when the player guesses the disease of his patients.

7. The telephone

Here’s another simple camping game for adults, because it doesn’t require any supplies at all.. First, you have to line up the players in a single file. The first player will whisper something (anything) to the second, the second to the third, and so on and so forth, until the last one. The last player should say aloud the word that’s gotten to him. The communication medium is represented by the rest of the players. It gets funnier and funnier when the final message is completely different from the initial one. If you’re the first player, be sneaky! Try to come up with words that could easily be misunderstood.

8. The werewolves of Millers hollow

This camping game for adults is similar to the Russian game called ‘Mafia’. To play this one, you will need a pack of cards and + 8 players. There are 24 cards that consist of 4 werewolves, 13 townsfolk, and one each hunter, sheriff, witch, seer, little girl, and cupid.

Every participant receives a role by randomly receiving a card from the instructor. They must keep it secret from the rest of the players. The game begins by asking all players to close their eyes – this is the nighttime part of the game. Then, the instructor calls them individually (so that no one knows the roles of others) to perform their special action. Then they close their eyes again.

During the daytime, the game happens with all players opening their eyes. The instructor tells them who was killed during the night, and that player or players is/are not allowed to speak for the rest of the game. The rest of the players must figure out who the werewolf is.

9. Capture the flag

This camping game for adults is both exciting and engaging. Split the players into 2 equal teams and hand 1 flag to each of them. The players will try to snatch the flag in their opponent’s territory, without being touched. Some sharp-colored flags would be better for visibility, so if you could get some of those, it would be great! When the opponents touch a player trying to snatch their flag, the player should freeze until rescue comes. So this game also involves some teamwork and tactics!

*Note: This reminds us a lot of ‘Steal the bacon’, ‘Freeze tag’, ‘Run, rabbit run’, and ‘The toilet tag’. If you’re having the little ones with you, try these as camping games for kids. You can thank us later!

10. The voting game

This one is another funny camping game for adults. It works great as an icebreaker for work so if you’re looking for some employee engagement ideas and games, ‘The voting game’ will definitely do the trick. 

Players must take turns asking questions such as “Who is most likely to win a lottery prize”? The rest of the players must vote on who they think would be able to do that particular thing. The vote can be anonymous. When all votes are in, the player who asked the question will announce the ‘top choice’ of ‘the public’. You can also go around the circle and cast your vote out loud. Anyway, this will lead to some barrels of laughs. 

Here are some interesting questions you might ask:

  • Who would be a great physics teacher?
  • Who would go sailing by themselves?
  • Who is the most romantic person?
  • Who is most likely to get drunk first?
  • Who could resist the most without eating?

11. Word games

This is a proper camping game for adults because it doesn’t require any supplies. Since it is a word association game, you can also play it on your way to the camp – in the car, on the bus – and you can prolong it as much as you want. This is great especially when you do not have enough space to set up other camping games. Think about an activity that allows you to develop your logic and memory without demanding a large solemn room. This one is all about setting and matching words in a funky and fun way.

12. Pass the water

This camping game for adults can get very challenging if there are several people involved. The main goal is pretty simple: you have to fill a bowl with water. However, the process is tricky and takes a bit of time and focus. Divide the players into 2 teams. Each team should line up in a single file and each player should hold a glass, except for the last one who is supposed to hold a bowl. The participants must use the glass to fetch water and pour it for the next person till it reaches the last. The team that fills the bowl first wins.

13. Animal noises

‘Animal noises’ requires at least 6 players involved and a good memory. This is suitable for people that already know each other. The game begins by blindfolding one player, while the rest of them form a circle around him and start walking. The blindfolded player can even be spun until he/she is disoriented. 

At some point, the player in the middle must shout ‘Stop’ and everyone has to stand still. Next, he/she must randomly point to someone in the circle and say the name of an animal. The player they point it has to make the sound of that animal. If the blindfolded player can guess who made that noise, then he/she can swap places with the one who pretended to be an animal. Otherwise, he/she must keep going.

14. Horseshoes, quoits, and muckers

This is one of the camping games for adults that requires a large field or sports ground. Here, the players are supposed to aim for a hole. They can use any object, as long as it is spherical and it can roll. You can make things easier or harder by choosing a particular distance for the holes. You can start by placing them close to the players, to begin with, then, increase the level of difficulty by placing them further with time. 

15. Would You Rather

This is a frequent camping game for adults because it works great as an icebreaker, a  getting to know each other activity, and even for close friends who – throughout this game – can find out some exciting things about the ones they thought they knew. Hence, ‘Would you rather’ should be organized depending on the context. If there are work colleagues involved, the questions should have a certain tone. If there are people you’ve known your whole life, they can be a bit more enticing. 

Every player asks random questions and offers 2 possible answers to choose from. You could go for something like: 

  • Would you rather work from the desert or with dessert?
  • Would you rather live where it only snows or the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?
  • Would you rather be able to run at 100 miles per hour or fly at 10 miles per hour?
  • Would you rather live without heat and AC or live without social media?
  • Would you rather join Metallica or Backstreet Boys?
  • Would you rather be an Avenger or a Power Ranger?

16. Emotions

For this one, you’ll need at least 5 players. Start the game by asking 1 or 2 people to leave the playing area. The ones that remain have to come up with a word with as many letters as members of the group. Each player takes a letter and becomes an emotion that begins with that letter.

Now you may ask the players that have left to return. They must ask questions and all of them must be answered in the participants’ different moods. Once the emotions are guessed, a new guesser and new emotions are to be chosen.

17. The obstacle course

This remains one of the most popular camping games for adults. The reason why it has gained such traction is that it’s so flexible and can be set up with ease. Whether you have a lot of players or just a few, ‘The obstacle course’ is a great option for a camping activity. 

Take a look at some of our challenges: 

  • Foot jump: Players should jump on one foot for a specific distance.
  • Bag jump: Here you can choose a single player from each team to jump in a bag for a specific distance.
  • The tire: You can place a circular object – a tire for example – for every 2-3 meters so the players will have to run through it.
  • The race: The players must be split into 2 groups. One member of the team must walk in his hands while another one holds his feet. The 4 players from the 2 teams must race for a specific distance. Whoever gets to the finish line first wins. 
  • The bowl. Separate the players into 2 teams. Start by filling 2 bowls with water, then place them somewhere in the playing area. Place 2 empty bows on the opposite side. One player from each team should use a sponge to soak as much water as he/she can from the first bowl, then run to fill the second bowl. This game requires participants to be agile and fast, or else the water from the sponge could drip off on the way from one bowl to another. 

18. Empire

This is a camping game for adults that doesn’t require any supplies. It’s the best fit for at least 8 players who’ve known each other for quite some time. ‘Empire’ is a great game for conversation starters but it has a downside: it can be played only once or twice within the same group since it gets tough coming up with good secrets after that.

One player should be the judge. He/she must write down 1 interesting fact from each of the players. Then, they will make up 3 false facts or names. The judge reads all of the facts, including the made-up one. Players take turns guessing which fact/person belongs to who. If they get it right then that person joins their empire and they get another go. They can even use their new stolen person to help decide their next guess. But if that’s wrong, then the next person has to give it a try.

If you guess somebody who has already won people, then you win them, plus all of those people in their empire. The game ends when a player has won everybody.

Camping drinking games for adults

And since we’re all of age, what’s camping without some booze, right? Check out some of the best camping drinking games for adults out there!

19. Shag, marry, kill

Begin this game by presenting 3 celebrities. Then, a player must choose who they would like to shag, who they would like to marry, and who they would rather kill. Once they take their turn, they must come up with a different celebrity and the next players must choose one to shag, one to marry, and one to kill. If players refuse to make a choice, they must drink a shot of their preferred beverage. Make things more enticing by replacing celebrities with real people, known by everyone in the group. Now, that’s gonna be fun to play! 

20. Never have I ever

Oldie, but goldie. Players take turns saying things they have never done. The ones who have must drink. 

Let’s see what you could say:

  • Never have I ever creeped an ex on social media.
  • Never have I ever gone on a blind date.
  • Never have I ever ghosted someone.
  • Never have I ever told someone ‘I love you’ without meaning it.
  • Never have I ever been called a player.
  • Never have I ever gotten a lap dance.
  • Never have I ever been fired.
  • Never have I ever shoplifted.
  • Never have I ever tried guessing someone’s password.

Who can play camping games?

There is this general view that only kids should play camping games. Well, we’re grown-ups and we’re telling you: it would be such a loss to miss out on these fun activities when you’re out in nature! You can go for the games that are designed for the young ones, but you can also go for some special ones, such as… camping drinking games for adults. All you need to do is pick some from our list first, then make sure you have all the materials and equipment you need to get the fun started. 

Why should you go for funny camping games for adults?

The main reason why we love funny camping games for adults is that they are engaging and need a few people to get things started. (*And of course that’s not a problem since no one goes camping alone). 

You’ll have a bunch of friends, family, or new people you can connect with, so camping games for adults can turn into great icebreakers, and getting to know each other games

eTeamBuilding makes sure you’re having fun, no matter where you are or who you’re with! Just check out our website and see what suits you!

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