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Are you looking for an interactive and fun game for your friends? “Loss of Balance” is a group game in which each participant has the goal of making the opponent lose his balance. This can be accomplished by several methods and you do not need a lot of additional materials for this.

“Loss of Balance” Game Objective

The goal of the game is simple: try to unbalance your opponent to the best of your abilities.

What is Needed to Play “Loss of Balance”

Two sets of items are required to play this game: marking tape and pillows.

“Loss of Balance” Game Setup

For this game, you need a bigger space, according to the number of players on the team. Up to 30 people can participate if you have the right conditions. All you need are some pillows and marking tape to delimit the space.

How to Play “Loss of Balance”

Step 1.

Each participant finds a partner. They face upfront and they place their hands in front of their chest. At the start command, they push their opponent, trying to make him move a leg or fall. The one who falls first loses the fight. 

Step 2.

A second variation of the game would go as follows: draw a square in the middle of the room. Participants bend their hands and skip with a leg in a circle. They push each other forcing the others to put their second foot on the ground or get out of the square. Eliminate the players who set foot on the ground until you have a winner.

Step 3.

A third variation: each participant finds a partner. They will bump forward in front of each other with their hands on their opponent’s shoulders. At the start signal, they try to make the adversaries lose their balance. The first, falling down, loses the fight.

Step 4.

Fourth variation: the pairs sit on a bench or chairs and knock with pillows. The one who falls first on a bench or chair loses the fight.

How to Win at “Loss of Balance”

It is a known fact that the fight can be won by anyone but there are some nuances that can be of use if you want to be sure of your victory. First of all,  you need to be flexible and very attentive to the movements your opponent makes. When you start, be the first to take the initiative to unbalance your opponent. This way you will have more chances to win.

The Benefits of Playing “Loss of Balance”

A great advantage of playing this game is that it fosters the increase of effective communication, which is an important factor in any team building game. Not only that but through it you can get better acquainted with people and know various things about them. And as a bonus, this activity is a great generator of fun and entertainment.

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Table of Contents

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