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Outside is a beautiful day, the weather is amazing and you wish you could take advantage of it without leaving the comfort of your home. Does this sound familiar? It probably does since you clicked on this article. And I am here to tell you that I have a solution to your situation. Most times than not people are reluctant to embark on activities that are outside of their comfort zone. Laziness is a phenomenon that affects the majority of humans on this planet and there is no surprise that it can occur even when it comes to entertainment. I, myself, sometimes feel the need to move around outside, but just the thought of getting behind the wheel and driving half an hour in traffic to reach a decent park feels like a tiring chore. And that is why I started investing in activities that I can organize at home. Of course, not everybody is fortunate enough to have a spacious backyard, but for the lucky folks that do, this is for you.

Backyard games for adults are an underrated way to spend an amazing day outside with your friends and family. I, however, am here to level the playfield because you seriously need to give them a try and I will convince you why. 

The Benefits of Backyard Games for Adults

First of all, they are convenient and this is probably one of their greatest advantages. The fact that you can have fun and enjoy your free time in your own backyard, without commuting anywhere is amazing. You only need some friends and some creativity ( or the list of games I will provide for you, of course ) and you can turn any average Saturday into an entertaining event.

Another amazing benefit of backyard games for adults is the fact that they encourage communication and strengthen relationships. Most team games out there have this advantage and backyard party games are no exception. Participants will have to cooperate with one another and communicate in order to win. This will have an excellent impact on the relationship-building process. 

Third of all, these fun activities are a great way to build a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere within your friend group or family. Not only will you be able to take full advantage of the weekend’s amazing weather but you will do so in the comfort of your own backyard. This will bring a cozy touch to your gathering and when you add activities to that equation you will have built a great atmosphere all around.

That being said, here are some wonderful backyard game ideas for adults that you should try the next time you have the chance.

1. Badminton

This game is a classic and nothing says backyard fun more than badminton. I used to spend hours with my family and friends playing badminton in my grandma’s yard. It is one of those activities that send me straight to childhood. I know most people associate badminton with large fields, beaches, or any other wide space, but your own backyard could work as well. Just make sure you don’t get overzealous and hit the ball too hard, just in case your neighbors aren’t as nice as mine were. 

2. Frisbee

Nothing says summer fun more than playing with a frisbee. I still remember running out of breath trying to catch the frisbee that my cousin used to throw extra hard, just to make me lose the game. Still, spending time playing with a frisbee is one of my fondest memories. And this is exactly why, wherever we go, our family always brings one with us. And worry not, frisbees aren’t only fit for large and wide spaces. Just like badminton, you can still use a frisbee right in your backyard, if you temper yourself a bit. Remember, my cousin’s way of throwing isn’t going to get you far when playing in your yard. Just make sure you have a light delivery and you will have tons of fun without losing your frisbee in your neighbor’s garden.

3. Croquet

Tell me you love golfing, but you don’t have enough money to afford a club membership or even have a decent place to go golfing, and I got you covered. For all golf lovers out there, you seriously need to give croquet a chance. This is a wonderful, easy-paced lawn game that only requires a bit of a set-up and a lot of patience and dedication. It’s perfect if you want to enjoy a relaxing day outside, with your family or friends. You only need to prepare the terrain with the hoops and goalposts and provide the participants with mallets and balls. The aim of the game is to successfully use those mallets in passing the balls through the hoops and right into the goal post. It is a fun and calming game and it has the advantage of looking beautiful on a lawn, whether used or not.

4. Bocce Ball

You might think this game is reserved for seniors only, but you are definitely wrong here. This is an amazing activity and perfect for any backyard party. This is actually one of the oldest lawn games out there, originating in Italy several thousand years ago. It is easy to play and a lot more competitive than you might think. You could say it is a mix between bowling and curling, all happening in a natural environment. The game is usually played with eight large balls and a smaller one. The pallina, or the small ball, is thrown first and the goal of the game is to throw the other ones as close to the pallina as possible. This is a game for all ages as it doesn’t require some special skills or even a ton of effort.

5. Slip ‘N Slide

Hosting a party on a warm summer day? Then this is one lawn activity that everybody will enjoy. Slip n’ Slides are super exhilarating, fun, and perfect for keeping your guests cool and refreshed on a hot day. I mean, let’s face it: there is nothing better than having a waterslide set up in your own backyard. There are plenty of slip n’ slides for sale, but you can also make one yourself. Just make sure you know where to place it. Measuring your yard is very important so that you can have enough place to set it up and enjoy it afterward. Remove any rocks, sticks, or small objects that may get in the way, set it up and that’s it. Line everybody up and let them go as wild as they want.

6. Volleyball

Get the idea that volleyball is strictly reserved for indoor courts or beaches out of your head. The most fun and popular lawn game out there, volleyball is an easy choice when it comes to organizing a fun backyard party with your family or friends. You have two ways of going about this. You can either install a net and divide the group into two teams, or simply play together, each participant standing in a circle and passing the ball from one player to the other. There are no strict rules here. I mean, you can easily take the “official” route and play like a pro, or simply enjoy your time passing the ball around. Volleyball is the perfect choice if you want to move around a bit and deplete your stamina deposits. It is also incredibly entertaining, especially for kids and youngsters in general.

7. Water Balloon Challenge

Nothing says crazy summer fun more than a water balloon challenge. This one is perfect for enduring the heat and keeping yourself cool on a hot day. It may seem like a kid’s game, but I have played this with my friends once and it was the most fun I had in a long time. It is that type of activity that brings out your inner child and I feel like we all need that sometimes. Simply take some balloons, fill them with water and let loose. Divide your group into two teams and start by trying to aim your opponents. There are no strict rules here. Just have fun and try to avoid getting hit. But don’t try too hard. It’s still a hot day and you might benefit from getting a little bit wet. It’s all in good fun after all.

8. Mini Golf

We’ve talked about croquet and how it can be a great replacement for golf lovers, but how about we go even further and set up a mini-golf area right into your backyard? I think that would appeal to you even more. And let’s face it: how many of us haven’t gone mini-golfing at least once during a family vacation? Recreating that feeling right in the comfort of your own home should definitely bring back some memories. That being said, with some small, affordable equipment you can easily turn your backyard into a course fit for competition.

9. Horseshoe Game

Spend those warm and breezy spring days perfecting your aim with the horseshoe game. Just like an indoor game of darts, the horseshoe game is a staple when it comes to target practice. And let’s face it, no outdoor backyard party game list is complete with the trusty horseshoes. The only thing you need is two sticks firmly planted in the ground ( one for each competing participant or team ) and the horseshoes which can be made of either rubber or a sturdier material such as metal. The idea is for you to be able to throw them and hook the horseshoe around the stick. It seems like a piece of cake, but it is actually a lot harder than it looks. Give it a try and let me know how you did!

10. Group Dance Competition

I personally believe that no backyard party is complete without some sort of dance competition. Dancing is easily the best way to light up any place and bring some serious fun into the mix. There are no strict rules to follow. You can either divide the group into two teams or let participants play individually. So bring your favorite playlist and prepare to let loose. You can either come up with a simple choreography or freestyle your way into the game. The point of this activity is not to win, but to have fun and relax while dancing to your beloved tunes. 

11. Flag Football

Here is a fun backyard game that everybody will want to participate in. Flag football is a crowd favorite and it’s one of the most popular games to be played at family BBQs or backyard parties. You don’t need an actual football field to be able to enjoy this activity. Your yard will do just fine, just make sure you gather a group of ten people. Each team will have five players and the game will consist of two rounds of 20 minutes each. The basic rule of flag football is that no contact is allowed ( no tackling, blocking, screening, or diving ). Instead of tackling opponents to the ground like in a regular football game, the players will wear flags that hang around their belts. The way to “tackle” an opponent is to remove their flag. Other than that, the rules are those of basic football.

12. Capture the Flag

Another favorite among young people and adults alike, capture the flag is the perfect choice if you happen to have a large backyard ready to be put to the test. The game is quite easy to organize. There will be two teams and each one will receive a flag that they have to protect. When the game starts, both teams will try to steal their opponent’s flags. The first team that manages to do that wins the game. 

13. Flip the Cup

This is a classic game that we all remember from our college days. It is still a party favorite and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a choice for your next backyard party. This is a drinking game so be prepared to get a little bit tipsy. If kids are involved, you can always switch the alcohol for juice or something similar. What you need for this game is a bunch of cups, one for each player on the team. Simply put, each player will have to drink a cup of your choice of beverage and then attempt to flip the cup so that it lands face-down on the table. This is one of the most competitive games I have been a part of and when people are drunk, I can guarantee you will have a serious laugh and lots of fun.

14. Dodgeball

Another classic when it comes to backyard games. Dodgeball is the easiest activity to organize if you have a ball. Just divide everybody into two teams and watch as people will get extra competitive and try to hit their opponents with that ball. It’s a fun game to be playing on a breezy day. It will get everybody moving and laughing as they try to dodge the balls coming their way.

15. Obstacle Race

If you want to go next level for your next backyard get-together then an obstacle race is what you need to try. It is the perfect opportunity to test if you can rely on your friends. It is also an excuse to improve your team-building skills. Simply set up your yard with various objects that can be used as obstacles. Think tires, wooden walls, or sticks to jump over, and so on. The options are endless and you can get as creative as you want. And once everything is prepared, bring two teams and have the time of your life. 

16. Tug of War

Tug of War is a great choice if you want to engage everybody and put your physical strength to the test. This is an activity that puts two teams against one another in the ultimate test of tenacity and power. The only material you will need to make this work is a long rope. Each team will grab one end of the rope. When the game starts each team will try to bring the rope a considerable distance in the direction they are situated against the other team’s pull. This is a fun game that will surely get your blood pumping and raise your competitive spirit.

17. Limbo

A staple at any party, you can’t have a get-together without including limbo on the entertainment list. It’s perfect for almost all ages, it is fun to be a part of, but also to watch. You only need a sturdy wooden set made up of two poles that go into the ground and an extra one that will be placed between the two at various heights. The goal of the game is for the pegs to go as low as possible so that bending becomes increasingly difficult while the participants are crossing from one side to the other. And of course, the whole activity takes place while music is being blasted everywhere for some extra touch of fun.

18. Giant Jenga

Now, you may be questioning whether Jenga is an outdoor game or not since this is an activity that is usually played indoors. But hear me out, because I have a proposition for you. Have you ever tried the giant version of the game? Once you go big, I can assure you that this game no longer fits on your living room table. There are plenty of sets for sale on Amazon or any other online store, and I really think you should give this a try. And for those of you who haven’t played even the regular version, Jenga is basically a game where you need to stack a few wooden blocks together and build a tower. Once it’s finished, each player takes rounds and tries to remove a piece of the tower without letting it collapse. 

Bottom Line

And here we have it: seventeen amazing backyard games for adults that I’m sure will enrich any dull and prosaic Saturday. Whether you are trying to spice up your family weekend or plan a fun gathering with your closest friends, be sure to try one of the activities listed above. Not only are they a great way to enhance your individual stamina and strengthen your body, but they are also important in developing relationships and sparking up conversations. And to be fair, in these trying times, when we are tied to our home more than we would like, backyard games could come in handy anytime.

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