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“Capture the Flag” is one of the most popular and practiced summer camp games. It’s a fun way to spend time with other people whilst being active as well. It can get quite tricky because it involves you trying to avoid and outrun a whole team of players to get to your side of the camp without being caught or touched in any way. It may seem downright impossible, but if you are quick and observant, you will do just great.

“Capture the Flag” Game Objective

The goal of the game is to capture the flag from your opponent and bring it to your team’s area without being stopped or apprehended.

What is Needed to Play “Capture the Flag”

Two main elements are needed to play this game: flags in different colors and a wide outdoor area like a field.

“Capture the Flag” Game Setup

To fully enjoy the game, you need at least two teams and one flag each. There is no specific limit when it comes to how many people can play. The more, the merrier as the game will increase in difficulty, but also in fun. It all depends, however, on your chosen location and if that place can accommodate a large number of individuals. Once your venue can welcome 20 to 50 people, then you are good to go. It is advisable to host this game in the great outdoors. An indoor space may work as well if it’s big enough.

How to Play “Capture the Flag”

Step 1.

Each team will mark their territory accordingly. A line will be drawn in the middle of the field to divide the two teams.

Step 2.

Place the flag in your desired spot on your side of the game zone. Then, both teams will gather and the rules will be explained carefully.

Step 3.

When the game starts, each team must try and steal the flag of their opponents and bring it to their side of the field while at the same time protect their own flag.

Step 4.

Any player who is in enemy territory can be touched by their opponent and if that happens they are obliged to return to their district and begin anew. From this point on, different variations can be introduced to the game ( e.g. if a player steps in their opponent’s territory he may be allowed to be there for a limited period of time ( let’s say 2 to 3 minutes ) ). Depending on what the participants want, the game can be made harder or easier to play.

How to Win at  “Capture the Flag”

To emerge a winner within the game, you must rely on your teammates. All participants must be well organized and ready to engage together. The team must have excellent tactics and a responsible leader who will coordinate his team in the best way possible. This is a type of game that involves a lot of teamwork and only through that, you can achieve victory.

The Benefits of Playing “Capture the Flag”

There are numerous advantages when playing this type of game. It not only allows a lot of people to come together and depend on one another for achieving their objective, but it also encourages participants to think strategically and develop tactics. Players can communicate and interact with each other and unite under the same goal.

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Table of Contents

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