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How often do you hear about icebreakers? Whether a team or organization, you need icebreakers to effectively start team-building events or sessions. As the name suggests, these sections are designed to “break the ice” in any meeting.

So, what’s the ice? Over 70% of persons that use icebreakers don’t understand what we mean by ‘ice.’ We’ll be looking at the importance of icebreaker games, but first, let’s get the concept.

If you’re working with people from different background, outlooks or cultures, the “ice” may come from their individual perception. If these people don’t speak the same language, that can be the ice. What about like-minded people? The “ice” can be because there they’ve not met, or don’t relate.

Do you really need an icebreaker game? The chances of having an “ice” in any meeting are high. However, an icebreaker is more demanding when:

  • You have a new team
  • You’re discussing an unfamiliar project or event
  • Your teammates are coming from different backgrounds
  • You want to optimize a meeting, and lot’s more.


Benefits of Icebreaker

Boost Productivity

Usually when you’re just forming a new team, or a new participant comes in, you develop interpersonal interest, and with time the connection will be tight. Well, you don’t always have the time for all these processes. Sometimes it’s about getting the job done as fast as possible. Icebreakers come in a plugin and accelerate the whole process, and within minutes, you’re already acquainted.

Mental and Psychological Upgrade

If you’re working in a company like mine, then the always-meeting routine can be tiring. Especially when it’s so dull, and your boss still doesn’t drive to a point. We can drive to a conclusion in lesser time if we use the correct procedure, employing icebreakers. Before any meeting, try icebreaker games, especially the ones that include an IQ test. When the meeting starts, everyone is already psychologically alert, so for every small case, there’ll be accordance and good relations.

Relate better and share Ideas

Anytime I see come across the adjective MORE, the first character that comes to my mind is ‘Oliver Twist.’ As funny as it sounds, you have to be an Oliver Twist for contact. When you have more contact, you’re indirectly paving the way. No man is an island, and you need to know about your teammates and colleagues. I’m not saying you should get so acquainted with your colleagues, yet having the basic information is necessary. Icebreaker game foster the knowing and interacting process.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

If we can talk about icebreaker games and miss the fun, then you shouldn’t be listening to me. The number one objective if any on icebreaker is fun! Without pleasure, no one will give you listening ear in your team. When you’re out of a meeting, it’ll be like other meetings. Icebreakers skyrocket the fun level of any meeting, game or activity by 410%, so it’s useful in any setting.

There are still many benefits of icebreaker games, but to unlock as much as possible, you should know your “ice” then chose an icebreaker to solve it and reinforce productivity in your team.

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