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+200 Team Building Questions: Top Picks For 2023

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  • What’s one family tradition you wouldn’t want to pass down to your kids?
  • When working from home, how often do you actually change your PJs? 
  • Do you know what a clean desk is a sign of? A cluttered desk drawer.

Team building questions ensure a fun mood at work. Discover some of the best ones!

Icebreaker jokes for team buildings

team bonding questions

Rumour has it that jokes are the best icebreakers for work. Convince us otherwise.

  • Want to hear an icebreaker? Fat penguin.
  • What’s not a good icebreaker? Global warming.
  • Why are penguins socially awkward? They find it difficult to break the ice.
  • What did the man say when he slipped and fell on ice? Nothing. He just gave everyone the cold shoulder!
  • Why was Cinderella thrown off the basketball team? She ran away from the ball.
  • I recently started speed reading. So far, I can read “War and Peace” in ten seconds. It’s only three words, but it’s a start.
  • What occurs when you are alone and you get too cold? You are totally ice-olated.
  • I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.
  • How can you get four suits for a dollar? Buy a deck of cards.
  • What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a huge plus.
  • Where do you learn to make ice cream? Sundae school.
  • My teachers told me I’d never amount to much because I procrastinate so much. I told them, ‘Just wait!’
  • What washes up on very small beaches? Microwaves.
  • I’ve only been fired from a job once. It was a calendar factory. All I did was take a day off.

Jokes are an easy way of loosening things up anywhere, anytime – whether you’re in team building, in a face-to-face meeting, or in a virtual call – but if you can’t remember any of them, try doing the same with some fun icebreaker questions. You’ll be surprised by the results.

Funny team building questions

These team building questions are known for sparking great talks among players. If you’re looking for more, we’ve got a great selection of conversation games for kids, adults, and couples. 

  • Is GIF pronounced /gift/ (with a silent “t”) or /jif/ (like the ‘peanut butter’)?
  • Is soap clean or dirty?
  • Should pineapple go on pizza?
  • How many holes does a straw have?
  • Why do people say “slept like a baby” when babies wake up all the time in the middle of the night
  • Is a thumb a finger?
  • If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is it homeless or naked?
  • Which letter is silent in the word “scent”, the “s” or the “c”?
  • Do you eat rice with a spoon or a fork?
  • Is cereal a soup?
  • Are noodles pasta?
  • Is a hotdog a sandwich?
  • Should toilet paper be hung over or under?
  • Are tomatoes a fruit?
  • If tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a jam?
  • Is cheesecake a cake or a pie?
  • Is water wet?
  • Is a fritter a donut?
  • If a tree falls in the woods and nothing is there to hear it, did it make a sound?
  • If you mix dirt and water, are you making water dirty or dirt wet?
  • Does the person flying in the middle seat get both armrests?
  • Are bacon bits a seasoning?
  • Should you recline your seat on a flight?
  • How deep does a pan have to be before it is considered a pot?
  • What is your idea of fun?
  • Why do we say pair of paints, when it’s just one article of clothing?
  • What color are mirrors?
  • Why is it called ‘quicksand’ if you sink slowly in it?
  • Are dogs’ front limbs arms or legs?
  • If a movie was made about you, who would play the lead?
  • Would you rather be a nickel or a dime? Why?
  • What’s your favorite knock-knock joke?
  • What game show do you think you could win?

‘This or that’ team building questions

Good team building questions for work rely on the ‘this’ or ‘that’ pattern. Ask your colleagues what they would choose between 2 similar options, job-related. These can also work as community building questions since people might discover common interests and socialize more. 

  • Vacation or staycation?
  • Optimism or pessimism?
  • Look first or leap first?
  • Act first or discuss first?
  • Slack or Zoom?
  • Coffee break or happy hour?
  • Money or influence?
  • Emails or phone calls?
  • Work at home or work from a cafe?
  • Work at home or work in an office?
  • Group work or solo work?
  • Video or in-person interview?
  • Observe or perform?
  • Take risks or play safe?
  • Ask permission or ask forgiveness?
  • Comfort or growth?
  • Team lunches or team dinners?

Team building questions for work

Good team building questions are also ‘getting to know each other’ questions. By opening up in front of their co-workers, employees will engage better in the company’s activities and will feel more comfortable presenting and supporting their ideas. It’s a win-win situation.

  • How do you manage deadlines?
  • What is your default strategy for dealing with upset clients?
  • What’s your go-to workday breakfast?
  • Do you pack lunches or buy them?
  • You get to redecorate the conference room. What color do you paint these walls? What decorations do you put in here?
  • What is one piece of advice you’re glad you took?
  • How would you describe your ideal team?
  • What is a teamwork deal-breaker for you?
  • What is your preferred communication method and style?
  • What is the most worthwhile lesson you’ve learned in your career so far?
  • What is one piece of advice you’re glad you ignored?
  • What is your dream project?
  • What is your routine when you get a new project?
  • What do you hope to achieve in your career?
  • How do you resolve conflict at work?
  • What is your goal for next year?
  • If you could spend a day with any businessperson in the world, who would it be and why?
  • What are your polar opposites?
  • What is your learning style?
  • What most surprised you about working in this industry?
  • How do you express gratitude?
  • Describe a time you misjudged a situation at work.
  • What is your favorite part about working at the company?
  • What, if anything, would you change about your career?
  • Do you have any team building books you would recommend?
  • Has your career taken any unexpected twists?
  • How do you think others perceive you?
  • What is the best prank you ever pulled on a coworker?

Team building questions for virtual meetings

team building questions for work

Virtual meetings don’t have to be a drag. They can be really fun if you kick them off with some good team building questions to ask your team.

  • What does your home office setup look like?
  • What is your favorite part of working from home?
  • What is your least favorite part of working from home?
  • If you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
  • Share your best work-from-home hack.
  • What is one object you couldn’t work at home without?
  • What is your favorite Zoom background?
  • What’s in your nearest desk drawer?
  • What’s on the walls of your office?
  • What do you see outside of your nearest window right now?
  • What is the strangest thing you ever observed during a Zoom meeting?
  • What is one thing that might surprise remote coworkers upon meeting you in person?
  • What do you think are the most important strategies for effective remote collaboration?
  • What is your go-to work-from-home playlist?
  • What do you typically wear when working remotely?
  • What is your favorite workday snack?
  • What does your typical workday lunch consist of?
  • What kind of Facetime games would you like to play with your colleagues?
  • Do you work in split chunks of time or straight through the day?
  • How do you spend the majority of your work day?
  • How do you stay focused while working from home?
  • Which of your remote coworkers do you think is the tallest?
  • What do you think are the coolest gifts for work-from-home employees?
  • What is your morning routine?
  • What is your end-of-day routine?
  • How have your work habits changed since you started working from home?
  • What type of team building activities would you like to attend?

‘Would you rather’ team building questions

These community building questions will reveal interesting stuff about the people you thought you knew. Are they really into their job? Are they really into those long meetings? You’ll see…

  • Would you rather work in a client-facing role or on the backend?
  • Would you rather lose power or lose internet access?
  • Would you rather always find a parking spot or never have a technology glitch?
  • Would you rather work out problems alone or with a team?
  • Would you rather be in the spotlight or behind the scenes?
  • Would you rather win the lottery or land your dream job?
  • Would you rather sit at a desk all day or work a physical job?
  • Would you rather have variety or stability at work?
  • Would you rather work a job that included frequent travel or one where you never traveled?
  • Would you rather run into a family member at work or a colleague outside of work?
  • Would you rather brainstorm solo or collectively?
  • Would you rather have a long phone call or a long meeting?
  • Would you rather work in a noisy place or a quiet place?
  • Would you rather be a team leader or play a group member?
  • Would you rather have short daily meetings or one longer weekly meeting?
  • Would you rather have little wins every day or one big win a month?
  • Would you rather be congratulated publicly or privately?
  • Would you rather retire early or pursue a second career?
  • Would you rather have one big work event a year, or smaller work events every month?

‘What if’ team building questions

Learn about your colleagues’ expectations, personalities, or hopes, by asking them some hypothetical questions for team bonding.

  • If you were running for office, what would be your campaign slogan?
  • If you had 25 hours each day, how would you use your extra time? 
  • If you had to choose only one holiday to celebrate each year, which would it be any why?
  • If you could be the funniest or smartest person in the room, which would you choose? 
  • If you could be the world’s best athlete in any sport, which one would it be and why?
  • If you could be guaranteed one thing in life (besides money), what would it be? 
  • If someone gifted you a gift card to any store, where would you want it to be for?
  • If you could travel anywhere for a holiday, where would it be and why?

Good team building questions for foodies

Because… who doesn’t love food? You could never go wrong with these team building questions.

  • What is your favorite type of cuisine? 
  • If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life what would it be and why? 
  • If you had to give up one food forever, what would it be? 
  • What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten? 
  • What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? 
  • What’s something you simply could never eat? 
  • How do you like your eggs? 
  • How do you like your breakfast? Sweet or savory?

Best team building questions for tech-savvies

Are you in the tech field, or you just couldn’t picture yourself without your phone? Try out these good team building questions for tech-savvies!

  • Team Android or team Apple?
  • What’s your favorite social media platform?
  • Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk?
  • TikTok or Instagram?
  • LinkedIn or Facebook?
  • Netflix or HBO Go?
  • Spotify or Apple Music?
  • What recent social media trend makes you cringe?
  • What’s your favorite podcast right now?
  • Do you listen to the news?
  • What’s your favorite tech toy, for work or play, that you can’t live without?

Community building questions

community building questions

We’ve come up with a list of team building questions to ask your team. Once answered, they will bring you closer together, and will create a more open and productive work environment. 

  • What was the worst injury you ever had? 
  • What’s one frequently used word that you can’t stand? 
  • What’s your most-used emoji? 
  • What’s your favorite plant? 
  • What’s your favorite holiday?
  • What’s your favorite childhood holiday tradition?
  • Tell us an embarrassing story about yourself. 
  • When did you last cry in front of another person? 
  • If you had to lose all your memories, which one would want to lose last? 
  • What are your biggest phobias? 
  • What is something you think is totally overrated? 
  • What’s one piece of advice you wish you’d gotten sooner?
  • What’s your best scary story? 
  • If you could bring back any fashion trend what would it be? 
  • What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?  
  • What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 
  • What’s the worst advice you’ve ever given? 
  • How would you describe your sense of humor? 

Intrusive & weird team building questions

These are team building questions for work, recommended only if you’ve already known each other for a while. They might be perceived as rude by someone who is new to the team. 

  • Would you show everyone in this meeting your browser history? 
  • Who was the last person you dialed?
  • Have you ever pretended you didn’t see somebody to avoid talking to them? 
  • What is an interesting fact about you that nobody in this room knows?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you ever accidentally messaged to somebody? 
  • What’s your phone/computer wallpaper?  
  • What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up this morning?  
  • What is something you hate doing? Why?
  • What was one new experience you tried that was completely unknown or uncomfortable to you at the time you tried it?
  • If you could add a word to the dictionary what would you add and what would it mean? 
  • If you could choose your age forever, what age would you choose and why? 
  • If you could travel back in time to meet your ancestors or to the future to meet your descendants, which would you pick? 
  • If you could go back in time and pay more attention in one class, what would it be?  
  • Would you do it if someone offered you a million dollars to give up your phone forever? 
  • If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 
  • If you had to be transformed into one household item, what would it be and why? 
  • If you were a fridge, what item would you hate to hold? What item would you love to hold? 
  • If you were forced to participate in a flash dance, what song would you perform to and why? 

eTeamBuilding is in charge of the fun. Whether you’re looking for the best team building activities, drinking games with friends, or ‘minute to win it’ games for kids, take a look at our content. 

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