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Hello! My name is Evgheni Poalelunji, and I am from Moldova.

I am involved in team building activities and games development. It interests me a lot to work with teenagers and youngsters. I organize team building activities from which I can show how you can improve relationships between friends and how to work on unity. I am also willing to share experiences and give ideas, advice to the extent that I can.

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The Name Game

Do you have a new teammate? The Name Game is a perfect activity to introduce them to everybody. Name game makes the newbie feel welcomed and enhances team building. Adding the exciting nature of this game, it’s flexible and cheap to organize. This is a...

River Crossing

  River Crossing is one of the cooperative games that involve group coordination and teamwork. The aim of this game is for all members of the group to cross the river without falling or touching the earth. You can find solutions using platforms or pieces...

Jump In Jump Out

  Jump In Jump Out is very fun. It can be played both inside a hall and outside. All participants in this game will have to concentrate throughout the game to play as much as possible. Otherwise, they will quickly lose. Everyone has the purpose to be...

Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game. Lately, team building games have gone mainstream. One of the best is the “who am I” game. This game helps to enlighten you more on the detailed description of significant characters. It has to do more with the ability to retain vital...

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Team Building

Why is the team building so important?

Team building is meant to improve relationships between group members and overcome barriers to meeting common goals. The level of relationship for any team matters. With team building, you can improve communication for any team.

The goal of these team building programs is to integrate the talent, abilities, and creativity of the group members. It is focused on achieving the common goals of the team to be achieved by increasing interaction and strengthen its members.

Another goal of team building is to create a framework in which employees communicate better, work better in a team, and build closer ties.

Team building is a conglomeration of the two words ‘team’ and ‘building’. It is a process of forming an efficient team.

Companies want to form teams and make them work better. The whole team building process is limited to the needs of the company. A successful team building will involve participants in a good framework for development through successful activities.


The Best of Team Building


Increases professional performance

A team building program helps you direct your team towards a common goal and performance. Choose the best team building games and team building activities.


To be more motivated

Team building activities are a good opportunity to increase your team’s performance and motivate participants.


Better communication

Team building activities create a framework in which employees communicate better, work better in a team, and build closer ties.


Social Relations

One way to increase a company’s productivity is to improve social relationships among the employees. Team building activities raise the participants’ morale and develop friendships.

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