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Team Building Games

You know what a “TEAM” is about? Some say it’s an acronym for the phrase “Together Everyone Achieves More.” There’s no way an individual can beat the success of a whole team alone.
Nevertheless, there’s a saying that “the greatest strength of a chain lies in its weakest link” that’s the same for a team. The success of the whole team could be marred by the weakness of a single person in the team.
That’s why team building is essential for the effectiveness of every team!

Do you wish to extract the best out of your workforce? Try team building games! Then build the team. There are several ways to build a team, but so far team building games have seemed most effective and interactive. For a well built and enhanced team, there’s more competition, and as a result of this, productivity and the relationship is fostered. Come to think of it, no matter how brilliant you can be, without much competition and teamwork, you can’t single-handedly decide to plan a project so it goes perfectly well, or be as productive as a whole team can be.

Types of Team building games

Almost everything we do every day is a game, from the pictures you take to the way you learn even to the time you expend to execute some actions, but it’s just that we don’t take cognizance from them and orient it to give us the satisfaction we demand from every game.
There are mainly two groups of Team building games and that’s the indoor and outdoor games.

Indoor Team Building Games:

During the winter, we’re subjected to running most of our activities indoor because of the weather and other minor factors. Most of these activities are done in a confined environment, so you don’t have enough space for some certain actions, that’s the same with indoor team building games.
Indoor team building games are done indoor because of the nature of the game or because of the orientation of our environment. You won’t be playing a Ludo game or chess on a hallway or courtyard, because of the distraction that’s always coming from these games.
An indoor game will demand a serene environment.
We can play these games while sitting on a couch, in our room or standing in the lounge.

Outdoor Team building games:

Dissimilar to the indoor team building games, the outdoor games are designed for an open air. You won’t be playing football inside a bedroom or Tennis inside a sitting room.
Furthermore, the outdoor team building games will be requiring you to move your body, and engage in physical exercises. This is the time of the game you’ll normally play during summer at the park or field.
When you’re talking about outdoor team building games, activities like football, racing, and lots more should be coming to your mind. These games will require enough skills and stamina to be effectively executed, and I believe they are more preferable to the indoor game.



Brief Comparison of Effectiveness

These two games have their benefit over each other, but let’s compare them both to see the most effective.
Unlike the indoor games, the outdoor games allow you to use your stamina and require physical exercise, so it will keep you fit and agile. For indoor games, there’s enough fun, but it does not always allow full of exercise the body. That’s a credit for the outdoor game.
Nevertheless, indoor games are much safer and cheaper to run than the outdoor game because you won’t be needing much material.

Classification by Purpose

Another category of team building games deals with four main types which include:

  • Adaptability and planning games
  • Communication games
  • Problem-solving and decision-making games
  • Trust building games

All these genres are fun and challenging and can boost the building and fortifying of a team.
Ever team should choose a game that’s more related to their professional scope. If my activities are based mostly on decision making and problem-solving, it won’t really be a good idea to opt for adaptability or planning games, because the more relaxed your game is to your activities, the greater effect it will have on you.
Team building games help boost performance and increase a team’s productivity.

Reasons Why You Should Play a Team Building Game

  • Builds Trust Amongst Co-workers

When playing a team building game these co-workers and teams will be forced to engage in dialogues that’ll bring solutions to tasks at hand. When these team members think outside the box and notice they have a variety of ideas and abilities, it’ll definitely make me trust you with what you can do.

  • Boosts Company Morale

Team building games could be used to teach workers lessons they’ll need to learn during their course of training. Now think about this, catching an egg from a 2-foot drop without breaking that could be used to teach the employees that there’s no such thing like impossibilities in a team, this will definitely raise their morale.
In addition to that, when these co-workers play these games together, they’ll definitely be competition, and a positive one will boost productivity and progress.

  • Encourages Communication

One of the main reasons why team building games are still storming the world today is because of the way it tackles the problem of communication. When people come together to play this game, there must be communication. In addition to these, the players will have much information about their partners. If you can have much information, then you can enhance communication.

  • Spotting Strengths and Weaknesses

With team building you can identify people’s weakness and strength because on a normal day, you won’t be knowing much of these since everyone will stick to a particular routine. If you can identify the core capabilities of your partners and work with it, you’ll build up your team effectively and improve productivity.
In addition to that, most employees might have some leadership qualities, but all these won’t be noticed if they stick to these routines.

Go play that game!