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When was the last time you played a game that allowed you to fully use your IQ? If you are really interested in these types of games, then you have come to the right place. There are numerous aspects of this activity that make it remarkable so stay tuned, because we are presenting you with a fun way to spend time with your group of friends.

“Word Association” Game Objective

The goal of the game is the following: players must be creative and find connections between various words.

What is Needed to Play “Word Association”

The materials required to play this game are some pieces of paper and some pens, that you will use to write the words.

“Word Association” Game Setup

This game acts as a fast and useful word machine in which multiple words are being generated from the main one raised by the first player. When that first word is spoken, the other players will follow suit by saying words that are related to the first one. All players should be positioned in a circle and when it comes to the location, one should choose a quiet spot. Participants will greatly benefit from playing in a calm atmosphere where they can concentrate and everyone can be clearly heard.

How to Play “Word Association”

Step 1. 

The players will secure a quiet location and form a circle. The leader of the game will read the rules out loud and will make sure everyone understands how to play the game. He will then proceed to write a bunch of different words on the pieces of paper.

Step 2.

The leader will randomly choose a word and start the game. Preferably, it should be a verb or a noun so that you can easily make up other words from thereon.

Step 3.

Afterward, in a clockwise manner, each player will take turns and say a word closely related to the previous one.

Step 4.

The game will continue until somebody is wrong or doesn’t know what to say. The time limit for speaking is 5 seconds and each player must remain within that temporal cycle. If a player repeats a previously spoken word, he is eliminated.

Step 5.

Eliminated players can contribute from outside of the game. They can intercept mistakes or make sure nobody steps over the time limit. To participate directly, the eliminated players must wait until the next round.

How to Win at “Word Association” Game

This is a type of game that demands you to be quick on your feet and think fast and efficiently. In order to win, you have to be mindful of the words you say and to make sure they are in close relation with the previous ones. If your vocabulary isn’t that rich, then chances are you will be eliminated quickly.

The Benefits of Playing “Word Association”

This is a great game if you are looking to test your knowledge. Participants are encouraged to be creative and think quickly. It also helps in developing your IQ, memory, and vocabulary. Moreover, it creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which players are comfortable communicating and interacting with one another. 

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Table of Contents

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