Run, rabbit, run

Run, Rabbit, Run! Don’t Let The Wolves Get You!

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The little ones have had too much cake and now they just won’t sit still? We totally get it. Let us help you. The ‘Run, rabbit, run’ game, also known as ‘bunny run’, is a great way to entertain children and run off their energy. Stick with us to find out what you need in order to play it, and what are the rules. 

P.S. If after a few rounds, the players are still full of pep, you should go to the next level: the ‘toilet tag’ game

Materials and equipment

Happily, you do not need any special materials or equipment for this group game. As long as the players are filled with energy, everything should be alright.

The ‘Run, rabbit, run’ game is a great outdoor activity since it requires a lot of movement. So, if you are a teacher, and you are running out of ideas in terms of camping games, this is it! This is also a perfect fit if you and your friends are playing ‘minute to win it’ games for adults, and your kids need some distraction. (P.S. If there are no children in the picture, go for the drinking ‘minute to win it’ games for adults! 😁) 

This can be an indoor fun activity as well, as long as there is enough room for the kids to run around. 

*Note: Set the boundaries of the running area from the very beginning. Also, let the players know that if they exceed those boundaries, they will automatically be out of game.

Skills and abilities

Don’t underestimate the ‘Run, rabbit, run’ game! There are some skills that are being developed when playing it.

  • Running, fleeing, dodging, balancing, chasing. All these are locomotor and non-locomotor skills.
  • Sharpness
  • Spatial awareness
  • Quickness

Players and purposes

The players are split into 2 groups:

  1. There are the ‘wolves’ or the ‘foxes’;
  2. And there are the ‘rabbits’ or the ‘bunnies’.

The wolves are the ‘taggers’, and they are meant ‘to catch their prey’. The rabbits are the ‘runners’, and they have to stay alive by avoiding being tagged.  


  1. Once each player is assigned a role, the ‘wolves’ and the ‘rabbits’ are separated into 2 groups. The ‘bunnies’ are standing behind a line at one end of the play area. The ‘wolves’ are scattered all over the place.
  1. When the ‘wolves’ yell ‘Run, rabbit, run’, the ‘bunnies’ try to reach the other side of the room, while the ‘taggers’ try to catch them. 
  1. If a ‘rabbit’ is tagged, ‘it’ becomes a ‘tree’. This means freezing in the exact spot where ‘it’ was tagged. Automatically, the runner becomes a ‘wolf’ and he/she can use their arms to tag other ‘rabbits’.
  1. The ‘Run, rabbit, run’ game ends when there are only 2 runners left in the play area. These 2 are the winners and they become the ‘wolves’ in the next round of ‘Run, bunny, run’.

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Table of Contents

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