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Noah’s Ark Games

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Teaching should not be a tiring chore, and students should not perceive it like that either. The process of learning can be entertaining for both adults and kids, as long as there’s some fun involved. And yes, that is a valid statement no matter the subject we’re talking about. 

When it comes to religion, you can play ‘Sword drill’ and learn the Bible, or dive into Noah’s Ark games and challenge your knowledge of Christianity. Let’s see how we can help you today.

Players and setting

These games are mostly suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. That’s what makes them the perfect teaching material when discussing the biblical story of Noah. 

They can be played as an indoor game, in Bible schools, classrooms, or at home, but also as an outdoor activity, if you’re with your kids or students in a team building, camp, in the backyard of your home, or off for a picnic with the entire family. Noah’s Ark games are used by moms, dads, siblings, child care providers, teachers, and many more – all around the world!

Noah’s Ark: The doves and olive branches game

For this one, you’re going to need paper olive branches or leaves. Then, you have to hide them across the room or throughout the play area. One of the players should be Noah, and the rest of them should be doves. Noah must say: ‘Fly away and bring me a branch’. That’s when the game begins. All the participants must scatter and look for the paper olive branches or leaves. When they find one, they bring it back to Noah. Keep the game interesting by designating a new Noah. Find different spots for hiding the branches, and start again.  

Noah’s Ark: Memory game

Test the players’ memory. Begin by asking one of them to fill in the blank with one animal: ‘Noah took a/an ___ on the ark’. Eg. ‘Noah took a monkey on the ark’. The next player should repeat the animal that’s been mentioned before, and add his own. Eg. ‘Noah took a monkey and a parrot on the ark’. As you can imagine, things get harder and harder once the ark gets more and more crowded. 

Noah’s Ark: Relay race

This one calls for some acting skills! Prepare a list of animals and split the players into two teams. Every member of the group has to imitate one animal from the list. For example, if a player chooses the elephant, he could walk on all fours, sometimes use his arm as a trunk and make specific noises. You could also have the participants act out the animals silently. The ones who are not acting out must guess the correct answer. The team that figures out more animals wins 

*Note: This is a party game, but you can adapt other activities, by swapping out parts to fit the theme. 

Noah’s Ark: Word scramble 

Noah’s Ark games can also involve vocabulary skills, such as listing items or unscrambling words. Come up with a list of 15-20 words that are relevant to the context (Eg. ark, two, doves, flood). Write out the list of mixed-up words on a board. Give each player a piece of paper. They must try and unscramble the words on their own. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Whoever unscrambles the most words correctly wins.

Noah’s Ark: Matching games

Noah’s Ark bible story is also famous for its ‘two-by-two’ theme. Turn it into a matching game.

Prepare prints of each pair of animals for the players to match. You can make matching more challenging by using several pairs of the same animal, but give each pair a different feature. The players must match the characteristics of the animals. For example, make four pairs of giraffe cards. Give one pair large, circular spots, to another – rectangular spots, to another – stripes, and to the last – a white or tan face.

Print the names of animals on a piece of paper, two times. Cut the paper into small pieces and have each player draw a name. Make sure that every name is in the bag twice and that all of them are chosen. The players must make the movement, the sound (or both) of the animal they chose, and find their ‘mate’.

Skills and abilities

Depending on the one you decide to play, Noah’s Ark games challenge different skill sets and abilities:

  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Acting
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Vocabulary skills
  • Dexterity 

immerse children into the story of Noah’s Ark by playing themed games. These games involve various aspects of the biblical story. 

The great thing is that eTeamBuilding comes up with a bunch of fun activities for various domains and interests. 

Are you looking for:

We’ve got you! 

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Table of Contents

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