Best 5 Outdoor Team Building Games for Youth

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It’s the weekend, the weather is amazing and you cannot wait to head outside. Have you thought about trying some outdoor team building activities for youth ? As you get ready, you may realize that you are a bit tired of that same game of football with your friends and might be tempted to try something else. In that case, you have come to the right place, because there is nothing more inspiring and fun than outdoor team building games.

It is a proven fact that outdoor team building games will help teens and young adults alike develop teamwork skills and refine their leadership capabilities. It is one of the best tools to help youngsters communicate better, think strategically and be creative. Simply put, outdoor team building games are a real benefit when it comes to providing teens with those critical life skills that are sure to be of immense help later on.

Cops and Robbers

I remember playing this game as a teen and having a crazy amount of fun each time. Simply gather everybody and divide them into “cops” and “robbers”. Then, hide one special item in the area you are playing in. The robbers will have to find and steal that item during the game while evading the cops’ attempt at putting them in jail. What is great about this game is that it can be easily customized to fit either the people playing it or the available space. For instance, you can create a “safe zone” for the robbers and negotiate a time in which they are allowed to stay in that place. There are numerous alternatives to make this outdoor team building game even greater than it already is so make sure you give it a try.

Parachute Game

One amazing team building activity, perfect for breezy summer days is the Parachute Game”. It only requires one main item ( a parachute ) and an excited group of people ready to make use of their stamina. The goal of the game is for all participants to move in a synchronized way while holding the parachute and make waves. This type of activity can be subject to a lot of variations, depending on what other items you have on hand or not. If you have a ball, for example, you can put it in the center and together with the other players flip it and try to catch mid-air with the parachute. This is a joyful game that will surely bring some needed entertainment to your day.

Capture the Flag

No outdoor team building games for youth list is complete without the classic “Capture the Flag. It definitely is one of the best ways to make some great memories with your friends while also getting your daily exercise in. You need two teams and a large space to make this work. Each team will receive a flag that will try to be stolen by the opponents during the game. This game is ideal for large groups of people and it offers a lot in terms of strategic thinking and communication development. It is probably one of the best outdoor team building games for youth out there. So don’t hesitate to give it a shot this summer!

Obstacle Course

What is great about this choice of activity is that it leaves a lot of space for innovation. Depending on your needs and whatever space you have available, you can customize your obstacle course to your liking. For the most part, you can create any obstacle course on the ground, using wood planks to walk on, cones to avoid, tires to hop on, sprinkles to go through, water slides to slide on. Basically whatever it is on your budget and you have time to set up. Then, simply gather your players and turn it into a race. It is a great way to enjoy a summer day, sweat out your worries, and bond with your friends.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt is the perfect game for the big outdoors because it fosters creativity and quick thinking. Participants will have to rely on their wits and imagination while being in a vast area outside and move as fast as they can in the given amount of time. It is the perfect game for when the weather is nice and everybody is high on energy. All you have to do is gather two teams,  get your cameras ready and start taking pictures. You must closely follow the list of items you need to capture on your camera, strategize with your teammates and finish first. And, for some bonus points, make sure you tap into your artistic side and return with some gorgeous creative photos. This will definitely get you and your team the crown.


“Why outdoor team building games for youth?” you may ask. Why not simply get that old set of badminton rackets and go about your day? Well, even though that may offer you some benefits in the fitness category, it is not as nearly as advantageous. And that is because when you are engaged in activities such as team building games, you will bond better with the people around you and gain some neat skills yourself. As I stated above, outdoor team building games for youth are one of the most beneficial tools for any social gathering but especially useful when it comes to educating teens or young adults. And that is because it teaches them valuable lessons through interaction and in a fun-based environment, which is something that they respond best to.

Table of Contents

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