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Blind Contour Drawing


Blind Contour Drawing – is a beneficial exercise for everyone and especially for those who want to improve their writing with drawing on the successive parts of the shape Contour drawing is producing line drawings. Without looking newspaper while drawing on the topic you are drawing with concentration, blind means. The goal of the game to improve your visual concentration.

Materials Needed for “Blind Contour Drawing” :

  • ‍pencil
  • drawing paper
  • table

How To Setup:

For this game, you will need space and peace. Of course, the materials prepared in advance also matter. half per hour drawing your environment. In this problem, you’ll start to comprehend the importance of having the ability to concentrate on what you’re seeing. This exercise will need a lot of concentration it is among the exercises in that the beginner might have an excellent degree of success. Learning is what shape drawing is about.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Arrange all things to be convenient to work and apply this exercise. You’re starting with probably the most difficult shapes to draw, the hand. You’ll be beginning the drawing on by placing or pose the hand you’re not drawing on with on the table in an intriguing, but the comfortable position in front of one.
  • Step 2: Look at a point on your hand where you’re going to begin the drawing, take a take a take a look at your paper and put the pencil on your newspaper in that position. Now look back at the hand you’re drawing from, start to move your eyes across the shape as you move on your pencil on the paper, don’t take a take a take a look at your paper.
  • Step 3: Move the pencil on the newspaper imagining that the pencil point is, in fact, touching the hand you’re drawing. Trace this first shape of your hand in every piece of information, since it as you draw. Don’t take a take a take a look in your newspaper after putting the pencil in its initial position continuously looking at what you’re drawing.
  • Step 4: When you’ve finished a line take a take a take a look in your newspaper and begin the second lineup by placing the pencil set up how to draw the second line, after placing the pencil in the starting place of the second line look just at the hand you’re drawing on and again imagine on your pencil following all the particulars of that line.

How To Win:

In order to have a good result in Blind Contour Drawing, it’s important to focus on it. Drawing can be successful if you combine all lines in a well-arranged form. Feel the end of the first line so you can trace the second line.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. Increases concentration
  2. Realize if you can combine two things at once.
  3. Participants can be motivated by their results.
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