Blind Contour Drawing Game

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The Blind Contour Drawing game is a beneficial exercise for anyone, but especially for those who want to improve their creativity and hand-eye coordination. It is a great way to spend a quiet afternoon and improve, at the same time, your visual concentration.

“Blind Contour Drawing” Game Objective

Without looking at the paper in front of you, draw whatever image or object is placed in front of your eyes.

What is Needed to Play “Blind Contour Drawing”

The materials required to play this game are a pencil and paper.

“Blind Contour Drawing” Game Setup

First of all, pick a good spot to play the game. It should be quiet and with little to no distractions at all. Prepare your materials in advance and take a seat. This exercise will require a lot of concentration, but it is a type of game where the player might have a high degree of success if he’s focused enough.

How to Play “Blind Contour Drawing”

Step 1.

Arrange all things conveniently in your workspace. You might want to try an easier shape at first and then continue to more difficult ones. 

Step 2.

Trying drawing your own hand. Place your hand next to you and with your pencil, try to outline its shape on the paper. Look only once at the paper ( when you are placing your pencil in position ) and for the rest of the activity, draw without looking.

Step 3.

Move your pencil across the paper as if you are touching your own hand with its tip. Don’t forget to keep your eyes focused on your actual hand and don’t glance even for a second at the paper.

Step 4.

When you have finished with one line, peek at your drawing only to put the pencil in place for another. After placing the pencil in the starting point for that second line, switch your gaze to the hand and focus only on that. Continue the process until the drawing is finished.

How to Win at “Blind Contour Drawing”

In order to achieve good results in “Blind Contour Drawing,” you need to focus to the best of your abilities. Drawing can be successful if you combine all lines in a well-arranged form. Just make sure you are concentrated and aware of your hand movements.

The Benefits of Playing “Blind Contour Drawing”

This is the perfect game in order to improve your concentration. It also is a great way to test your multitasking abilities as you must somehow separate an action that would be otherwise done as one intrinsic act. Also, better results are sure to motivate you to try harder.

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Table of Contents

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