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10 Great Games To Play On FaceTime. Ready, Steady, Laugh!

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It`s no news that technology brings people together. And we`ve appreciated that more than ever, especially during these past 2 years, when the COVID-19 pandemic has set most of us apart from the ones we love. 

Thank God for Internet access though! Not only have we managed to stay in touch with our close ones, but we`ve also been able to study from home, work remotely, and – the most important thing that kept us sane – have fun.

Games to play on FaceTime continue to be one of the best ways to enjoy yourself, while also having a big laugh with your friends. Stick with us to discover the Top 10 Fun Games to Play on FaceTime, no matter your age, interests, or occupation! 

1. Would You Rather?

Now this one`s a classic. You couldn`t go wrong with it especially if you`re looking for games to play with friends on FaceTime. 

Get to know them better, by shooting all sorts of questions. You can look them up before you start playing (We`ve got some great ones in our fun icebreakers list, so go check it out!), or you can be spontaneous and ask whatever goes through your mind, as long as they are age-appropriate. Then, make them choose between two options

*Tip: The more terrible the options, the funnier the game!  

2. Read My Lips

This is one of the fun games to play on FaceTime that requires putting yourself on mute first. That is because the other person should be reading your lips, and not hear anything you`re saying. Then, you think of something – a word, a phrase, an inside joke – and pronounce it, while your partner has to guess it. You can choose to say it X times, or you can establish a time interval, let`s say 15 seconds, and start the timer.

The great thing is that this game does not require any materials or set-up, and it can be adapted to all ages. 

3. Battleship

Games to play on FaceTime with friends can also be challenging. Especially if you`re going for ‘Battleship’. This one is all about strategic thinking and anticipating your opponents` next moves.  

To play Battleship, you will need a gameboard. If you don`t have one, it`s very easy to create it. First, you have to ‘hide’ your ships by shading in the appropriate number of squares. When you do that, think smart. Then, you and the other participants take turns in ‘hitting’ each other`s ships, by guessing their location on the shaded squares. You win if you sink your opponents` ships before they can sink yours. 

4. Build A Story

You won`t be able to hold your laughter for too long. The thing with ‘Build a story’ is that every player has to say one word. That`s it. Not a phrase, not a sentece; only one word. The first participant is the one who starts the story, so he`s got the advantage. To make it funnier, he could name someone in the room or he could say something related to an inside joke. Then, all the players have to add only one word, otherwise, they are out. It can be extremely tough to limit yourself to one word, so stay sharp! 

This is one of the fun games to play on FaceTime that does not require any materials or special setting. Also, it can be adapted to any age group. 

5. Masked Dancer

‘Masked Dancer’ is a great game to play on FaceTime, especially for kids. 

First, players must become unrecognizable. So, make sure to put on your dad`s sweatshirt and some gloves. Next, choose an anamoji from the ‘effects’ feature on Facetime, and party on. One participant starts dancing, while the rest of the players must guess the protagonist by their music choice and dance moves. After everyone takes a shot, the main character reveals his/her identity, and another player takes his/her place.

6. Pictionary

Pictionary is one of the best board games that can be played over FaceTime; especially if we are talking about large groups of friends!

You will need a paper and a marker to create some sticky notes containing words. If you don`t have these on hand, you can always use a pictionary generator. One player draws a word, and the rest of them has to guess it before time runs out. Someone should be in charge with the timer, by using the clock app on the device. 

7. Word Association

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This one is a great game for children; especially if your goal is to improve their vocabulary and speed thinking. However, it can be fun for adults as well, so consider it next time you`re fooling around with your friends, or co-workers on FaceTime. 

To begin with, one player says a word, and the others must reply with a related word. So if you`re with your students, and you want to challenge their knowledge in physics, you could begin with the word ‘atom’, let`s say. Then, everyone has to say a word physics-related, in the order that you have already established. A player is out when he repeats a word, or when he thinks about one for more than five seconds. 

8. Newlywed Game

We have come up with a funny game to play on FaceTime for those of you who are in long distance relationships. But be aware! If you`re not feeling confident enough, (guys), don`t get yourselves into this! 

You have to prepare a bit for this game. In a shared album, upload pictures that mean something for your relationship. They can be serious, funny, romantic, and so on. You should also come up with some of your memories. The first one to respond correctly wins. Here are some examples:

  • What`s my mother`s maiden name?
  • When did we start dating?
  • Where was our first date?
  • What`s the first gift I got you?
  • What`s the first meal you cooked for me?
  • What was our best trip together?
  • When did we move in together?
  • What is my mother`s maiden name?
  • What weddings did we atend together?
  • What was my first job?
  • What is my main hobby?
  • What is my biggest fear?

9. Truth or Dare 

Just like ‘Would you rather’, ‘Truth or dare’ is another classic. And if you are having fun while playing it face to face, imagine that it is no different doing it on FaceTime. 

But first of all, let`s make the rules clear. This game involves asking every participant to choose one of the two options: to answer a personal question with the truth, or to complete a dare. If you know that you are about to play ‘Truth or dare’ with your work colleagues, friends, or family members, make sure to prepare your questions and customise your dares, while getting as creative as politeness permits.  

Take a look at some examples for the ‘truth’ part:

  • What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
  • What do you like least about school?
  • Could you tell me your life story in one sentence?
  • What is your useless talent?
  • What is the first feature you tend to notice in a potential partner?
  • What are the most important things in a relationship for you?
  • What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?
  • Which family member has had the greatest impact on you?

And some examples for the ‘dare’ part: 

  • Impersonate another player
  • Do 12 squats
  • Sing your favorite song
  • Talk like a little child

*Tip: Make sure that the challenges you pick are not harmful for anyone – not physically, nor mentally. 

10. What’s Missing 

If you are looking for fun games to play on FaceTime, ‘What’s missing’ is a blast. It can be adapted to all age groups, so feel free to play it with your students, family members, or co-workers. It is not all about laughter because it challenges your perspicacity.

First of all, you have to gather 10 things that exist in your house. The requirement is to choose items that fit the screen, so that all players can see them. You could go for pens, cutlery, pieces of jewelry, and so on. 

Second, you show them the objects and you let them study each and every one of them for one minute. Then, you ask them to close their eyes, and you remove one of the items. They have to guess which one is missing. 

*Tip: If you want to make things more difficult, you can try shortening the amount of time given for studying the objects.

Now, let`s explain what these games to play on Facetime actually are, and what does it take to play them. 

What are ‘games to play on FaceTime’?

FaceTime is a video chat application created by Apple, available on iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks. Once you start running the app, you have different challenges available. These challenges are fun games to play on FaceTime, and we bet that you`ll find something that suits you. 

How to play FaceTime games with friends?

It all starts with a video call. It can be an individual video call or a group conference, and it can have up to 32 people. You can choose anyone – friends, relatives, co-workers – as long as they`re in your contact list and they have an Apple device. This is because you have to launch the app and sign in with your Apple ID. 

*Tip: If you are playing games on an iPad or iPhone, you may want to use a stand or pop socket to free up your hands for gameplay.

Hopefully, you`ve managed to find some fun games to play on FaceTime with your friends. If not, or if you`re looking for something else, check out other articles on Teambuilding Games:

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