‘Sword Drill’

‘Sword Drill’: Spot The Verse! 

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Playing games is fun. But when playing games comes with learning something… now that’s even better! 

What would you say if we told you that there’s a way to learn the Bible by heart only by playing the ‘Sword drill’? If you don’t take our word for it, just keep scrolling. You’ll be amazed by this one! 

Materials and equipment

  • Bibles

 Each player should have one, including you. 

*Note: Usually, the ‘Sword drill’ is played with the international version of the Holy Book, but if you prefer a different one, just make sure that everyone else gets a copy of the Bible you’ve chosen.

This is what makes ‘Sword drill’ a perfect activity no matter what the setting is. You can choose to play it as an outdoor game, or as an indoor group game. As long as players can fit a Bible in their backpack, they’re good to go even during team building or campings

Another great thing about the ‘Sword drill’ is that almost everyone can play it. The only condition is to be able to read in order to spot the specific verses in the Bible. Therefore, this is a fun activity during family get-togethers or holidays, because kids, students, adults, and elder people can become a part of it  

Players and purposes

This is a competition between at least 2 players

The goal is to be the quickest in finding specific Bible passages. In order to win the game, players must be the first ones to win 5 points.

Rules: How to win a Bible sword drill every time?

  1. The first thing you have to do is hand out a Bible for each player.
  1. *Optional: Explain the name of the game. Why is the Bible considered to be the Christian’s sword? You can use the verses Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17 to do that.
  1. Ask everyone to hold their Bibles by the binder.
  1. Shout ‘Sheathe swords’. Here, everyone should put their Bibles under their arms.
  1. Then, shout ‘Draw swords’. Now, everyone should hold their Bibles in the air with their arms straight.
  1. Open the Bible randomly and select a passage. Let’s say, for example, John 3:16. 
  1. Shout ‘Charge’. Now all the players should start looking for that verse in their own Bible.  

*Variation: Participants may also recite the verse from memory, but it must be very close to word-perfect to be considered a winner.

  1. Once someone finds the passage, they must read it aloud. If the verse is correct, they get a point. 
  1. The first player to get five points wins the game.

Skills and abilities

  • Listening skills. In the ‘Sword drill Bible’, your listening skills are challenged. Pay great attention to the instructions and the passage while they’re being stated. 
  • Attention. Focus and try to figure out the context of the verse. Maybe you can make use of some of the names or locations mentioned during the reading. 
  • Reading skills. You must be able to scan the Bible if you want to turn quickly to the right location of that passage.  

We know that the ‘Sword drill’ is a bit different than what you can usually find on eTeamBuilding. Nonetheless, here we are, talking about as many games as possible, from as many domains as possible. That’s why if you have any game on your mind you’d like to learn more about, but it is weird or challenging, we’re on it! Just leave us a comment down below, and we’ll do some research, then post all you need to know on our website!

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Table of Contents

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