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Zoo Game

One Let play Zoo! Zoo Game is a group game that has every player represented as a creature. A group of people selects to stand or sit at a circle, with everyone facing the center. Everybody must choose an animal to represent herself or him. Each player could have a specific animal they represent by a gesture. The object of the game is to eliminate other players.

Materials Needed for “Zoo Game” :

  • ‍none

How To Setup:

Zoo Game is preferable to play inside, in a place where there is silence. I can participate in the game between 5-15 participants. Time can be set by the organizer, it is at your choice. Like an organizational form, a circle is formed.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: To begin with, it forms the circle of all participants and explains the rules of the game. Any of the participants could place up their arm by their nose to symbolize an elephant or they could hold out among the hands in a claw shape to shape the paw of a lion. Players may use their imaginative thinking for how they’d like to be a symbol of their animal, as long as it is not too hard to imitate quickly.
  • Step 2: After that, a person can start. The one who gives the start starts a fundamental 1-2-3 beat one of the groups using your hands. On the first two beats, everybody slaps their upper thighs, and on the 3rd beat, everybody claps. When all players are ready, start the beat and everyone shout, One, two, allows play Zoo!
  • Step 3: Slap hands on your upper thighs for the first two beats, then on the 3rd beat, perform your animal hand gesture On another set of 3 beats, slap your upper thighs then use another person’s pet gesture on the 3rd beat. At this point, the Participant whose creature was just represented has to respond by executing his animal, still keeping with the 1-2-3 beat.
  • Step 4: Else they throw it to another Participant by representing their creature on the next rhythm beat. Continue playing the beat with your palms by slapping your upper thighs twice and after that clapping on the 3rd beat, if you do not need to represent your animal. All of us have to keep the beat going, regardless of whether or not you’re representing yours or another person’s animal. Bear in mind that simply since the beat is 1-2-3 that does not mean it’s to stay at the same speed. Players can, and possibly will speed up the beat, making it tougher on everybody to remain focused. Failure to represent your animal or mess up a hand gesture implies that the player is out from the group.

How To Win:

To win at the Zoo Game it is necessary to always be ready to gesture the animal that represents you. Play requires a fast and well-organized rhythm. Be careful and organized in everything you do.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:


  1. Involves a fast pace
  2. You can get to know the participants better
  3. It creates a fun and relaxing atmosphere
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