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If you want to spend your time playing a whimsical and entertaining game, you have come to the right place. This is a very fun activity in which every player is represented by a creature. A group of selected people will stand in a circle with everyone facing the center. Everybody must choose an animal to represent themselves and they will portray their choice with a gesture. What makes the game exciting, tho is the rhythm at which it is played.

“Zoo Game” Objective

The goal of the game is to quickly portray your choice of an animal when you are called up and to remain within the rhythm of the game when doing so.

Materials Needed to Play the “Zoo Game”

No objects are required in order to play this game.

“Zoo Game” Setup

This is a type of game that should be played inside, where there is enough silence. The ideal number of players is somewhere between 5 and 15. A time limit can be set by the organizer, taking into consideration the wishes of the players. People will stand in a circle facing each other. 

How to Play the “Zoo Game”

Step 1. 

All players will form a circle. The organizer will explain the rules of the game. The participants will showcase their choice of an animal with a gesture ( e.g. If you picked an elephant, you can put your arm in front of your face to portray the elephant’s trunk ). Players may use their imagination when illustrating their animal, as long as it is not hard to imitate quickly.

Step 2.

Any player can start the game. The one who starts will give a fundamental 1-2-3 beat using their hands. On the first two beats, everybody slaps their upper thighs and on the third beat, everybody claps. When all players are ready, start the beat and everyone will shout “ One, two, allows play Zoo!”.

Step 3.

The player that started the game will slap their hands on their thighs for the first two beats and on the 3rd beat, they will perform their animal gesture to represent their position within the game. 

Step 4.

Another set of three beats will be performed by that same person and on the 3d beat, you have to use another player’s animal gesture. The person whose creature was represented must quickly respond by using his own gesture ( all this should be done under the 1-2-3 beat ).

Step 5.

The game is continued in this manner, from one player to the other. The beat must be kept regardless of whether you are the one representing an animal or not. As the game progresses the speed of the beat must also increase. Failure to represent your animal on the beat will mean that the participant in question will be eliminated. The winner will be the last one standing.

How to Win at the “Zoo Game”

In order to win, you must always be focused and prepared to quickly represent your animal at the given speed of the game. As time passes the beat will get tougher and for this reason, the players must be quick on their feet and completely immersed in the game. Playing requires a fast and well-organized rhythm.

The Benefits of Playing the “Zoo Game”

There are obvious benefits to playing this type of game. Because it involves a fast pace, participants must be concentrated at all times. Not only that but in playing with others you can get to know your fellow members and see how they react in a fast-paced environment. And finally, the game is an ideal choice for creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a day off.

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Table of Contents

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