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Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game. Lately, team building games have gone mainstream. One of the best is the “who am I” game. This game helps to enlighten you more on the detailed description of significant characters. It has to do more with the ability to retain vital information and descriptions about these characters; being an icebreaker game it makes the atmosphere pleasant and exciting.

Materials Needed for “Who Am I Game” :

  • ‍Pieces of paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors.

How To Setup:

This game (Who Am I Game) is not really time-consuming; when you have a moderate number of participants, it could take around 10-15 minutes. It also doesn’t require many materials, you’ll just need a paper to write the names of the characters and stick them on the player’s forehead or back. The simplest place to get the characters and their details are your magazines and other sources.

Make out enough time for this game

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Each participant will receive a tag with a characters name, quality or a dominant feature. This can be glued to the forehead or back – remember to clear the participants on the rules of the game.
  • Step 2: There are two possible ways to play this game. The first is when all the players participate simultaneously. Alternatively, the players could come each at a time.
  • Step 3: The players question you about the identity of the characters on your tag. The can also ask yes/no questions just like ’Is he a man?’ ’Is he a writer?’ and lots more.
  • Step 4: The game ends when all the participants must have answered their questions, or when the set time elapses; that’s if you set a time limit.

How To Win:

In this game “Who Am I Game” of course, you’ll need to prepare clear and appropriate questions to get a good answer. Start with general questions and then pass to specific questions. If you are not sure of your answer then ask additional questions that will help you clarify this.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. It creates a favorable atmosphere for communication.
  2. It develops a healthy and retentive memory.
  3. It helps to increase the knowledge about certain things.
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