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Are you looking for an entertaining game that will keep the conversational flow going? Then you are in the right place. Even though icebreaker games have become mainstream in the last few years, few are more accessible and enjoyable than the classic “Who Am I” game. It’s a great idea, not only to lighten the atmosphere in a room but also to bring about new topics of discussion between individuals. 

“Who Am I” Game Objective

The game objective is simple: the player must guess what character is written on the paper tag placed on their backs or forehead.

What is Needed to Play “Who Am I”

No elaborate tools are required for this particular game. The players only need some paper on which they will write the names, scissors to cut the paper into pieces, and glue to place them on either the participant’s back or forehead.

“Who Am I” Game Setup

One advantage of this game is that it doesn’t call for an elaborate setup. Once you have a moderate number of participants and you establish a time limit, the rest will follow quite easily. Of course, an aspect that should be taken under consideration when organizing this activity is the players’ degree of general knowledge regarding the main subject of the game. The characters chosen should be popular or at least known throughout your target group of participants. As a bonus, a theme can be added to the basic rules of the game to make it interesting, such as picking characters from a particular movie or book ( e.g. Lord of the Rings ).

How to Play “Who Am I”

Step 1.

Each player will receive a tag with the name of a character written on it. They will be instructed to place it on their forehead or back, without looking at it.

Step 2.

All players must ask various yes or no questions to find out what character was assigned to them ( e.g. “Is he a man?” / “ Is it a writer?” ).

Step 3.

The players can either mingle throughout the room, asking and answering questions or they can come one at a time before the group.

Step 4.

The game ends when the time limit is up. Whoever guessed their character wins.

How to Win at “ Who Am I”

This is a game that revolves around the questions asked by the players, and for this reason, strategizing is essential. There will be a difference between taking a moment to think about a far-reaching inquiry and just asking whatever pops up in your head. To win, one must start with basic questions and slowly cross over onto more specific topics. Exhibiting attention to detail is crucial in order to win this game.

Benefits of Playing “Who Am I”

Perhaps one of the most obvious assets of playing this game is the fact that it facilitates a favourable atmosphere for communication. It breaks down barriers between people, offering them the possibility to relax and enjoy each other’s company more. Another advantage that works, in this case, for the benefit of the individual is that it improves one’s retentive memory. The multitude of answers you are given throughout the progression of the game force you to make use of your ability to quickly memorise facts. Taking everything under consideration, this game is perfect to break the ice and to bring a sense of enjoyment to the participants. 

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Table of Contents

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