Top 5 Online Murder Mystery Games

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Riddled with secrecy and full of intrigue, online murder mystery games are a great addition to any virtual get-together, whether it is a meeting with colleagues when you need to loosen your engines after work, or a fun gathering with your closest friends.

But before we commence with our recommendations, let’s get one question out of the way: What are online murder mystery games anyway? Simply put, they are roleplaying detective games. Built around an array of different themes and narratives with a rich cast of characters, these types of games go a long way in developing your team building skills. They work amazingly on any platform such as Zoom or Skype and they are sure to lift your mood and get your mind to solving some puzzles.

Night Of Mystery

What makes Night of Mystery one of the best online murder mystery games collections to choose from is the fact that it has something for everyone. Regardless of your age group, gender, or sexual orientation, here you can definitely find your niche. There are plenty of themes available, all you have to do is pick one and they provide all the materials for you to throw an amazing murder mystery virtual gathering with your friends.

One interesting choice would definitely be “Murder at the Juice Joint”: an enthralling game set in the wild and glamorous Roaring Twenties. So don’t hesitate to take a dive into a night full of cocktails, murder, and the mob lurking at every corner.

Murder in the Queen’s Court

Murder in the Queen’s Court is a deliciously thrilling historical-based murder mystery game. It is centered around themes such as politics, magic, and all sorts of high court drama. It follows the somewhat tragic death of a palace neophyte and it encourages players to find out how this bizarre occurrence took place.

Broadway Murder Mysteries

We are advancing our recommendation list with yet another selection of riveting murder mystery games. What makes the Broadway Murder Mysteries a rather unique source is the fact that they provide a collection of storylines written by playwrights and voiced by actual Broadway artists in order for you to have the most amazing theatrical experience

One such immersive story and perfect for our more promiscuous readers is “Drama at Drag Brunch: The Killing of the Sequin Sisters”. The story follows the puzzling death of two headliner drag queen sisters and it is brimming with dramatic events and captivating characters.

Zombie Cannibal Asylum

If you are interested in adding a touch of horror to your night, then look no further than this chilling murder mystery game. Zombie Cannibal Asylum is set during a zombie apocalypse and it takes you to a psychiatric establishment where a deranged doctor is conducting experiments on the inmates. The characters are both undead and insane which makes for a unique and rather absurd combination.

When the Clock Strikes Murder

This online murder mystery game is perfect for any celebration such as a New Year’s Eve party. Get your charisma on and enjoy this intriguing plot. When the Clock Strikes Murder follows a suspicious organization that moves into a small provincial town and announces its presence with a festive midnight gala. Little do the guests know that the event will end with something far sinister than dancing and champagne toasts.

And here we have it! The ultimate online murder mystery games list. Don’t be reluctant to boost your night of fun with any of these colorful, yet startling crime plots. And do so with full confidence because these types of activities are not only an amazing way to spend time with your friends, but they also elevate the player’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Table of Contents

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