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Tie-up Game

The tie-up game is a great option for obstacle activities—low production value, because it can be put together with almost anything you have on hand, and the complexity is only limited by the imagination. For this game, an organizer directs groups of players to perform tasks while their hands are tied. 

What You Need to Have to Play “Tie-up”

Production costs for this game are minimal. You can play using rope, shoe laces, cloth strips, hair ties, basically anything you have on hand that can be used to comfortably keep players’ hands tied up just enough to make the game a little challenging. Caution: do not use restraints that cannot be easily removed in case of an emergency. 

“Tie-up” Game Setup

The tie-up game can be played either outside or indoors or both, depending on the players’ preference of and comfort with the weather. The game can be played by both small and large groups. Players are split into at least two teams. They will then have to complete, or at least attempt to, various tasks together. Examples of such quests include: 

  • Packing a gift
  • Building a bridge
  • Pouring a cup of water for each person in the group

How to Play “Tie-up” 

Step 1

Willing participants are lined up in a queue and counted alternatively (one-to-one-two-etc). This will form two teams. For more teams, count to a higher number—count to three for three teams, count to four for four teams, and so on.

Step 2

All players now come together in their respective teams. All participants of each team are then bound to each other with a rope.

Step 3

The organizer of the game prepares tests and tasks that the teams will have to complete, as well as how points can be scored correctly. To keep the game fun, the challenges should be of low-to-medium difficulty, so that hand-tied participants can still complete them. The organizer will also have to make sure the game rules are observed during challenge play out. 

‍Step 4

After all tests, tasks, and challenges are completed, calculate total points for each team. The highest score wins. 

Step 5

Make the game extra fun by awarding surprise prizes! 

How to Win at “Tie-up”

This being a team game, good communication, cooperation, and flexibility within the group should count toward the final score. The team challenges will require the more skilled players to assist their fellow team members, so that all members complete each other in achieving the team goal in the game. 

The Benefits of Playing the “Tie-up” Game

Each participant has a chance to contribute toward achieving a collective goal, and all contributions matter. The game helps to encourage teamwork, and everyone gets to celebrate the results of the team.

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Table of Contents

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