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The Name Game

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You find out that your team’s just got bigger. How do you introduce a new member to the rest of the people without making things awkward? Well, that’s simple. Go for ‘The Name Game’ icebreaker!

What is ‘Name Game’?

‘The Name Game’ is a classic among kids, teens, and even adults. It’s a great icebreaker game because it creates a relaxed environment, encourages smooth communication between players, makes bonding easier, enhances team building, and builds up people’s confidence. 

Adding to the exciting nature of this game, ‘The Name Game’ icebreaker is also cheap to organize. You don’t need anything else besides the players and a good mood. 

*Note: If you’re of age, ‘The Name Game’ icebreaker could also turn into a fun ‘Minute to win it’ drinking game for adults. Just get your favorite drink and start the timer!

How To Setup ‘The Name Game’?

The flexibility of the game allows you to adjust the terms for the best fit. You can choose to play it as an indoor game, or as an outdoor team building activity, However, there are some basic requirements you must keep in mind while planning this game – one of them is ‘teamwork’. 

  • There should be around 2 to 20 players involved. Anything over 20 people is too much and the ‘Name Game’ will make little sense. 
  • Make sure the venue accommodates the team with comfort. 
  • Prepare all the materials before starting the game.

How To Play “The Name Game” Icebreaker?

Step 1 

  • First, the team should agree on one class or category. This could refer to animals, countries, cities, villages, celebrities and lots more. 
  • Make sure everyone knows and understands the rules.

‍Step 2 

Now that you’re done with the administrative part, you may begin. 

  • The first player starts by saying a name that fits the category discussed in step 1. 
  • The next player must come up with a name beginning with the last letter of the word mentioned by the previous player. 

Let’s take a look at an example: If the category you chose is ‘Countries’, the first player could say ‘America’. Since ‘America’ ends with the letter ‘A’, the next player could say ‘Afghanistan’. Then, the next player should name a country that starts with the letter ’N’ – Netherlands, for example. And so on and so forth.

Step 3

If someone fails to come up with a name or wastes time before mentioning one, they’re out of the game. The remaining people keep on playing ‘The Name Game icebreaker’ until there’s only one player left, who eventually becomes the winner. 

Step 4

The category of the word can be changed at intervals, and that’s where variation and flexibility come into play. It’s best to choose a class that offers a wide range of names with different ending letters. You could change the letter format, and it could improve the rules. However, it’s essential to avoid deviating from the main subject.

How To Win ‘The Name Game’?

As in any game, winning requires exercising your attention and having prior knowledge of the subjects (*especially when the category you’ve chosen is broad or delicate, such as flowers or cities). Always pay attention to the player before you, to be sure you get that last letter right and you don’t make any silly mistakes.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing ‘Name Game’?

  1. It challenges players’ attention
  2. It develops focus 
  3. It makes it easier for the players to get to know each other better
  4. It widens their horizons, and they get to learn different words and names

Is this game a yay or a nay for you? Check out eTeamBuilding for more fun!

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Table of Contents

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