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The Hand Game


The Hand Game is fun if you’re eager and keen to observe the rules. You play this game best in a circuit, and I’m sure you’ll love to check it out. Team or no team, everyone needs to develop their focus and cognitive state. There are several ways to do that, but it’s no fun if it’s not a game, especially the Hand Game.

Materials Needed for “The Hand Game” :

  • ‍None

How To Setup:

There’s nothing much required to set up this game, other than a table – that’s if you wish. This could be an indoor or outdoor game, either of them demands a reasonable number of participants to make it fun. Certainly, a small or unreasonable number of persons will make the game less interesting. The ideal number of persons for The Hand Game is 10 to 20 persons. You should watch your time, but that depends on the number of participants.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Form a circle shape by holding with your team and place your hands on the table; if you can’t get one, the floor or any flat surface can serve. Each player should move their right hand to meet the person on the right.
  • Step 2: A cross-circle is formed if each person has hands stretched out, and the right hand placed between the hands by the right. Each palm should be on the table or the ground if playing outdoors.
  • Step 3: Ensure the players know their directions from the left to the right.  Hitting the palm once against the floor shows the direction goes from left to the right. The next participant by the right should respond with a hit. If anyone hits the floor twice, you should alternate the direction and the person by the left should respond. There’s no particular person to start this.
  • Step 4: Continue with the preceding step until someone misses. The could be taking the wrong direction, or not responding to a call. Be alert to avoid responding when it’s not your time because you fail if you do. You can include other rules to make the game fun. Play faster at this pace to make the game more fun and livelier.

How To Win:

To win The Hand Game, you need to put in concentration and caution. Don’t be too anxious to make moves, so you don’t make a wrong one. Observe both directions and be as fast as possible to eliminate those around you. Keep the rhythm and play as carefully as possible.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. Develops focus and cognitive awareness
  2. Creates a good and lively atmosphere for the team
  3. Helps build an elated team
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