The flying balloon

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Two teams struggle to make a balloon fly over the side of the opposing team, inflating the balloon and letting it fly. Balloon targeting is not only for children but also for teens and young people if all instructions are followed. The distance from the balloon is a curiosity for those who participate. Be the one that exceeds your expectations.

Materials Needed

  • ‍marking tape
  • ‍balloons
  • cones for marking or other objects to be observed

How To Setup

This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Preferably in the room, because there is no air current that changes the trajectory of the balloon. You need some medium sized balloons, two gates, and a marker line. The gates are placed in opposite corners of the room and the marker line is drawn in the middle of the room to divide the ground into two equal parts.

How To Play

  • Step 1: Mark the two gates on opposite sides of the room, as well as a line in the center to delimit the space.
  • Step 2: Players are divided into two teams, according to the method chosen by the leader. Also at the beginning of the game, it is decided which part of the room will play each.
  • Step 3: Decide which team will start first. A player in this escape stays on the middle line swelling a balloon and letting him fly. The goal is that the ball passes over the goal line at the edge of the opposing team’s room. If the ball passes the line, the team records one point.
  • Step 4: If the balloon stops elsewhere, an opposing player enters the game, stays where the balloon is and tries to throw it over the gate at the opposite end.
  • Step 5: The game always starts from the middle after each goal. It is good to have more balloons next to you in case some of them break.

How To Win

It is important to inflate the balloon to the end so that it is more likely to fly at a greater distance. It is also important to keep the balloon in the hand when it is thrown. Keep the mouth of the ball in the opposite direction of the throw.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game

  1. More players participate
  2. Creating game relationships
  3. Participants feel free

Table of Contents

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