The Crazy Ship Game

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The game, Crazy ship, requires a lot of attention and concentration. A person who does not know the rules of the game must be sent out. After you explain to the other rules the person who went outside comes back. So you are all on the ship of madmen and suffer from a “disease”. The person who sent her out has to guess what “disease” is. For this, he has to ask each one, in turn, a question.

Materials Needed

  • Chairs for participants

How To Setup

When the participants came to be ready to explain the game and how it will unfold. You need a group of people up to 20 people. You can arrange the circle-shaped participants or sees the seats in two lines in the semicircle. The game itself is fun if you play by the rules.

How To Play

  • Step 1: The participants in the game form a circle or a semicircle. It is preferable, do not get tired people, to sit on some chairs. Of course, you will need some people who do not know the game. These people will go out. During this time the participants explained the rules of the game.
  • Step 2: When the person who went outside understood what he had to do, he approached a participant by asking him the first question.
  • Step 3: It plays so until the person coming from outside realizes the logic of the game and the way the participants respond. If the first person does not know, invite the second one and it is exactly the same. If even this person does not realize what’s going on then you can explain the logic of the game on the crazy ship.

Examples of questions:

Question1: What are you doing?
Answer1: The Crazy Ship

Question2 (for the second person): What number do you wear on shoes?
Answer 2: Well (answered the question that was asked first)

Question3: How do you call your mother?
Answer3: 37-38

How To Win

If you know the rules of the game you can not even play. But you can suggest to those who play to be careful and follow the answers to the questions of the participants, to figure out what the logic of the game is.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game

  • Develop focus and attention
  • Offers a hazy ambience
  • Participants relax
  • You can find out how well your logic works

Table of Contents

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