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Do you think you really want fun? Or are you easily bored during games? then try out the Bodyguard.The bodyguard is a fun game, a game for a large group of persons so that there are enough interaction and zero boredom. Are there not enough people around you to form a group? No problem with that because you can still play with a small group, but it is just better to have more players. The Bodyguard in the game has to defend the peaceful man from attacks coming from outside their territory. The balls are thrown by the opposing team outside the circle.

Materials Needed for “The bodyguard” :

  • Cones for marking
  • softballs-the size of field tennis.

How To Setup:

To play this game the players form a circle with two players inside; one as a bodyguard and the other guy is to be protected. Each player outside the circle should mark his mark his place with a cone. The game starts with a ball that aims to hit or touch the furnace that is protected by the bodyguard.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Choose the players within the range of 5-20 people. These people form a circle each being marked by a cone or other object.
  • Step 2: After choosing the circle you choose two other players who will be in the circle. One of them will be the peaceful man and the other is his bodyguard. The bodyguard will have to protect the peaceful man from the balls coming from outside the circle.
  • Step 3: An outside player starts with a ball to open the game. The goal of each player on the outside is to touch the peaceful man from inside. The bodyguard will do nothing but protect the peaceful man with his hands and body and avoid all the balls from the outside.
  • Step 4: If the ball falls down or is thrown out of the circle, bring it back and continue playing with that ball. If a peaceful man is not touched after about 20 passes, then the outsiders will get a second ball so there are two balls and one bodyguard.
  • Step 5: If the peaceful player is hit then he will take the place of the bodyguard, and the player that hit the peaceful man will be a bodyguard. In this way, the game gets more interactive.

How To Win:

To be able to win this game it is important to play as a team. If you do not have free space and you are stuck then pass the ball to a player who is closer to the peaceful man. Play with your initiative and try to throw the ball in directions the bodyguard isn’t protecting.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. ‍Increase protection instinct
  2. ‍Develop attention
  3. ‍Increase teamwork
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