Learn our latest Team Games |

Learn our latest Team Games!

Finding the perfect team games with lots of fun, health benefits and educative intended impact could be quite difficult. Nevertheless, join me as I introduce you to a few team games that will assist you in adopting functional team membership.

Simon Says Game

Simon Says Game

  Is group gaming your kind of thing? Then you shouldn’t keep calm till you try this game, “Simon Says Game.” This game is a good Icebreakers Game and great for any team and gives you happy hours to always ponder when you want to feel good. In this game,...

Loss of balance

Loss of balance

  Are you looking for an interactive and fun game according to your group? Loss of balance is a group game in which each participant has the goal of making the opponent lose his balance. This can be accomplished by several methods and you do not need a lot...

The Name Game

The Name Game

Do you have a new teammate? The Name Game is a perfect activity to introduce them to everybody. Name game makes the newbie feel welcomed and enhances team building. Adding the exciting nature of this game, it’s flexible and cheap to organize. This is a...

Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game. Lately, team building games have gone mainstream. One of the best is the “who am I” game. This game helps to enlighten you more on the detailed description of significant characters. It has to do more with the ability to retain vital...

Crossing The Line

Crossing The Line

  Crossing The Line, or rather, "who will cross the line", is a short activity in which the participants in the game try to convince each other tocross over a line. The goal of this team game is to make the participants realize that they will have...

10 Indoor Fun Games for Youth and Kids

It’s holiday! Are you looking for some indoor activities for this season? Then continue reading this content. Indoor games are simple, and you can organize them with friends, kids, family and any handy team you can think. All you need is to choose anyone that matches your unit.

Team Games


In every team game, the essence of having a sense of unity and oneness can never be over emphasised. Moulding team’s social skills that are at sensitive developmental stage helps in establishing and installing core values of team unity and shared aims for enhancing a functional team and an enjoyable social environment for all. The most effective way of achieving this, is through participating in group and team games and activities.

Before you commence!

Never forget, team games are created for team purposes, always ensure to have a great understanding of your team’s interactions and strength to enable the team selects exercises that will help fix the team flaws.

Try to figure out your team’s success and status. Ask questions to know your team’s communication level; how well do the team mates interact – are they from the same geographical area? Do they have a basic knowledge of themselves? Do they easily get emotional down and will be neesding a morale refill after a couple of defeats? Having the answers to these questions gives you a good base, for inculcating certain team activities that will help solidify the bond.


Here are two core benefits of team games:

  • Developing Social Skills

One major benefit of team sporting is its ability to help one establish an excellent social relationship with other people, and developing good social skills as well. Being a loner, with no friends and always having to be on your own makes life very miserable and not interesting. The human is a gregarious creature; this implies that we are by nature herd beings, or we are simply created to work with one another.

People lacking ability to work with others, interact with others, or do not have good social skills are often left out and not always a sound, more especially when it comes to psychological and mental well being. It very vital and crucial we learn to inculcate healthy social relationship with other for better communication and interaction. Although it is best acquired as kids, it is never too late for you to develop now!

  • Building Confidence

Lastly, another core benefit of team sporting is confidence building. Building confidence is easier when you have people around, you get encouraged and motivated from the praises or rewards from team mates and coach when you do great at catch or something else. You get empowered, each time you coach simply pats you the back and say “you did a great job son”.

This is basically important for kids and youths who are at in their developmental stages of life. As this will help them in developing a good self esteem and confidence as they get older and will aid them in being exceptionally unbeatable in their desired field.



Now, stay relaxed as we explore four exclusive, interesting, and enjoyable team games that will help you kill three fat birds in one throw (social skill, healthy body, and information).

  • Tug of War

The tug of war far falls among team games for teams lacking adequate solidarity or with desire to solidify its team bond. The game involves two opposing teams standing on either side of a rope, with objective of either teams pulling tactically against each other until a team is pulled over a certain point.

To ensure one team does not blow the opposition away, but teams strive to make a balance. In so doing, either team are bound to effective communication skills and an agreed tactics in order to win, rather than just physical strength.

  • Sports hot potato

This is another team game that effectively aids teams in developing and enhancing a functional specific sport skill and pits one team against another.

The catching sport skill is needed for this game in particular. The game requires teams to pass/kick the ball to one another standing in a circle. Each time a pass is completed round the circle, every member takes a step backward. The wider the circle gets the more difficult the game becomes. Within the duration of some minutes, the widest circle with effective passes wins the game.

The team game is a frenetic one that offers lots of competitiveness, fun, and encourages team togetherness as members get to support one another.

  • Human Knot

Here is one great exercise that propels communication development and team work. The human knot gets every team member involved, working as one in solving a particular problem.

The game entails each group standing in a circle; each person holds a hand across from the other. When the circle is completely connected, everybody is held together as one with many hand bonded together, now teams are required to work their way out leaving each other. The activity helps in creating an atmosphere of problem solving as a group, and establishing an effective communication among team mates to enable them achieve desired results with lesser difficulty.

  • Catching Cradle

Another team game aimed at developing specified sporting skills. The catching cradle sticks to cricket, and also helps cricket beginners increase their traditional boring aspect of the sport in way that is interesting, fun, and fast –paced with other team-based advantages that comes with the game.

Divide the group into two teams, each team standing in a line facing the catching cradle. The game starts as one team member sets off, by throwing the ball through the cradle, and returns back to the line after the throwing the ball. The team with least amount of dropped catches after a specified time wins the game.

Having seen some wonderful team games, let’s take some to look at the reflect on the benefits of the group work on team members and the team at large.