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This particular game focuses on cooperation and coordination. It is a great way to enhance group efforts in the pursuit of a common goal. It favors the bonding of individuals and builds an environment where people become more inclined to help one another, as part of a team. 

Cross the River” Game Objective

The basic aim of the game is quite simple: all participants must safely cross the river and reach the other side together, in order to win.

What is Needed to Play “Cross the River”

The materials that are required for the game are few in number and easy to come across. First of all, you need a rope that acts as a marker for the imaginary river. Second of all, the players need some sort of material such as paper or cardboard, that will be cut into pieces. Those will represent the rocks that will carry each member to the other side of the river. 

Cross the River” Game Setup

Since this is a game that relies heavily on the imagination of the participants, it is suitable for both the indoors and the outdoors. It is preferred, however, to be played on a leveled ground. On a relaxing day, there can be a single team that will work together towards the goal of the game. But, if a challenge is what you are after, there can be two ( or more ) equally-divided groups that will compete together.

How to Play “Cross the River”

Step 1. 

All players will position themselves on one side of the river. Each team will receive an equal amount of “rocks”. 

Step 2.

Each team will analyze the situation at hand ( e.g. the distance of the river ) and will come up with a strategy ( e.g. how the “rocks” will be placed / how the members will make their movements ) in the given amount of time.

Step 3.

Each member of the team will be assigned a “rock” which won’t be interchangeable between players. The “rocks” can be placed in the water and moved only by their owner. One or more members can, however, step on a “rock” when river crossing.

Step 4.

All players are required to walk only on the “rocks” available to them. No part of a person’s clothing or skin may touch the water. If someone falls, the whole team needs to start from the beginning.

How to Win at “Cross the River”

This type of game focuses a lot on communication between players. Reaching the goal takes planning and precise execution and for this purpose, the team must come together for success. It is crucial for all members to be on the same page regarding the strategies taken and to willingly offer their help to their fellow teammates when the situation requires them to. 

The Benefits of Playing “Cross the River”

The key aspect that makes this game ideal for team building activities is the fact that it breaks down barriers between individuals. Victory can be achieved only through solidarity and cohesiveness. It makes people share, not only their personal space but also their thoughts and ideas in hopes of reaching their common objective.

Moreover, it creates a space where leadership may take place. The developmental stage of the game, when tactics are being initiated is essential. It presents the players with the opportunity to showcase their skills and ability to quickly come up with solutions. The sense of urgency imposed by the time limit pushes the players to resort to their default behavior in a crisis, which is highly relevant for understanding how performance patterns form in the workplace.

In the end, this team building game offers quite a lot in bringing about harmony and consensus between participants and it is a great tool for observing how people may act in certain situations.



Table of Contents

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