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This game is very good outdoors on a flat surface. It’s the game that involves up to 8 people and creates humor but also helps teams focus on pregnancy. The aim of the skateboard game is to collect the balls of the team’s chosen color as quickly as possible. This is done in teams of two. One of the participants is lying on the skateboard that will collect the balls, and the other will be the person who will lead him.

Materials Needed

  • ‍Four Skateboard
  • Medium rubber balls or other materials
  • ‍15-20 balls of each color, it is desirable that the balls be of 4 colors
  • Box for collecting balls
  • ‍Whistle
  • Four ball storage baskets

How To Setup

It is desirable to play on a flat and hard ground. This will make it easier to move skateboarders. It is good to prepare all the necessary technical requirements and the rules of the game in advance. If all this is done, it will facilitate and ease the work of the leader as well as of the participants.

How To Play

  • Step 1: Select 8 players to get involved. Divides these 8 players into four teams of two. There will be 4 teams composed of 2 players. Also, have around 80 balls that are the size of field tennis balls and be light. The balls must be 4-color. Each team has a color.
  • Step2: Also in each group is given a basket or a box where they will collect the ball of the chosen color. All balls are scattered on a certain surface. Mark the place of each group was the start.
  • Step 3: Prepare each team as follows. On each skateboard is placed a participant in the right position lying on the belly. The one who is in the lying position holds the box with which he will collect the balls of the chosen color on the whole surface. The person who is standing has the mission to push the feet on the one who is lying down and help him to collect the balls. The start of each team must be at a distance of about 5-7 meters from the surface with scattered balls.
  • Step 4: At the start of the game, the participants go inside to collect the balls. Be careful not to collide with those who attend to avoid conflicts. Each group has the mission to collect only the balls of the chosen color. Also, each team can throw away the balls of the opposing team as far as possible.
  • Step 5: Win the team that collects all their balls in the storage basket.

How To Win

Communicating with the person who manages your feet is very important. But your position on the skateboard must be the right one to make it easier for you to travel. Apply a right position of the body and communicate with the one that pushes. Tell the direction you move to move the balls. Be more focused on your mission of striking your balls. Because if your desire is to make them difficult for other teams, it will take you out of your time

The Benefits Of Playing This Game

  • Develop communication in two
  • ‍Friendship relationships are created
  • ‍Those who play have the opportunity to encourage partners

Table of Contents

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