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Are group games your kind of thing? Then you definitely shouldn’t pass on this one. This is a perfect icebreaker game, great for any team, and ideal for creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere among participants. The major aspect of the game is to test your focus and listening abilities and develop them if necessary. The game should be played at a fast pace, and here, a second could cost you the momentum. 

Simon Says Game Objective

The game objective is for each player to closely follow the instructions of the leader ( Simon ).

What is Needed to Play Simon Says

Nothing is required for this game to be played.

Game Setup

In the Simon Says game you need a coordinator or organizer who is able to combine different gestures with spoken phrases. Speed is demanded so the process will seem a bit funny looking and technical at the same time. To make it more interesting, you need more participants. You can even go up to 20 people. In terms of location, preferably you should be playing indoors. The outdoors can work as well if you can concentrate and stick to the whole concept.

Simon Says Rules & How to Play

Step 1.

All participants will form a circle surrounding the leader. Players can either hold hands and form a giant chain or not, depending on their desire. The rules of the game will be clearly stated.

Step 2.

The leader will act like the fictional character Simon. His role is to give orders as quickly as possible and in a subtle way. He will do that using the phrase Simon says ( e.g. “Simon says jump!” ). The players will follow the verbal instruction. If however, the leader doesn’t use the agreed-upon phrase and simply gives the command ( e.g. “Jump!” ), then the players shouldn’t follow suit. The leader will purposely try to fool the participants in this manner.

Step 3.

The task of the players is to be good listeners, carefully point out the flaws in the leader’s commands, and know when to comply and when not to.

Step 4.

To eliminate players as soon as possible, the leader must issue the commands at a faster pace and in a subtle way. When a player gets confused and makes a move that mirrors Simon’s, even if the leader didn’t say “Simon says”, he is eliminated. The last player standing next to Simon wins the game.

How to Win at Simon Says

Just as I mentioned earlier, the key aspect of this game is focusing on the leader’s commands. Your attention must be at its peak potential. In order to win, you have to carefully listen to Simon and observe every word that comes out of his mouth. You mustn’t haste, because if you do, chances are you will make a mistake. For any little distraction don’t be surprised to lose not only your rhythm but the leader’s words as well.

The Benefits of Playing

There are obvious benefits when playing this game. Participants will greatly improve their concentration and listening abilities. Not only that, but the game gets you moving and it’s a great way to have some fun, relax and connect with others in an entertaining environment. 

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Table of Contents

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