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‘Sardines’ Game: A Twist On Hide-And-Seek

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If ‘Sardines game’ doesn’t ring a bell, how about ‘Hide-and-seek’? Now we’re talking! 

Still, we can’t put the equal sign between the two, but at least now you have a frame of reference for the game that we’re about to explore and explain. Keep on reading!

What is the game ‘Sardines’?

The ‘Sardines’ game is – at the bottom – ‘Hide-and-seek’, only that it’s flipped on its head. Funny enough, you could think about a causality dilemma here, just like in ‘the chicken and egg’ situation. So, which one came first? ‘Sardines’ game or ‘Hide and seek’? 

Well… we’re not here to debate that. As long as both these group games spark laughter and fun among players, we declare their mission is accomplished and ourselves happy. 

For the ‘Sardines’ game, one player hides, while the rest of the participants get together, with their eyes closed, and count to a predetermined number. When the group finishes counting, the seekers must spread out to find the hiding player. See? That’s the catch. Unlike in ‘Hide-and-seek’ where there is only one seeker and all the players are supposed to hide, here the rules change a bit. 

Materials and equipment

The ‘Sardines’ game is a cheap and easy-to-organize type of game. As long as you’ve got yourself a few balls of energy, you should be good to go. No supplies are needed. 

Our recommendation for this game is to be played outdoors. If you are a teacher/parent and you are off with your children/students in a camp/team building, then the ‘Sardines’ game is a must. A large field or a sports ground fits this activity best. You can also suggest this game, during school recess or friendly backyard gatherings.

However, the ‘Sardines’ game can also be played indoors, if you have a big house at your disposal with plenty of hiding places. Just be sure you designate clear boundaries and take care of the situation if players get too noisy.  

Players and purposes

  • For ‘Sardines’, you will need at least 3 players to get things going, but you know, ‘The more, the merrier’. The perfect group size is 8-15 people. This game is for ages 6 and up.  
  • The purpose of this game is to find the hiding player before the others do, then hide with him. Don’t be that last one finding the hider!

‘Sardines’ game: Rules

How to play ‘Sardines’?

  1. One player is asked to hide.
  2. The rest of the players must close their eyes and count to a predetermined number. You can decide on that one. 
  3. Next, the hunt is on. The seekers must split up and look for the player who went hiding.
  4. When a player finds the hidden person, the player has to join him/her in the same hiding place. 
  5. The game is over when everyone has found the hiding place and they’re all packed like… sardines. 
  6. The last player to join the group is the player that will hide in the next round.

Skills and abilities

‘Sardines’ game challenges the player’s:

  • Spatial awareness;
  • Locomotor and non-locomotor skills, such as running, fleeing, chasing, dodging, and balancing;
  • Sharpness;
  • Creative thinking; 
  • Teamwork skills; 
  • Social comfort.

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Table of Contents

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