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River Crossing


River Crossing is one of the cooperative games that involve group coordination and teamwork. The aim of this game is for all members of the group to cross the river without falling or touching the earth. You can find solutions using platforms or pieces of wood on which to walk.

Materials Needed for “River Crossing ” :

  • ‍pieces of wood or paper
  • rope marking for the river

How To Setup:

You could group participants into several sections or two teams to compete together. It’s enjoyable and soothing for both indoor and outdoor recreations. The participants prepare several pieces of wood or cardboard paper, etc. This is to help your team cross the river.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: It’s more preferable to play this game on a leveled ground. The participant marks the distance between the rivers by two parallel lines which the members of the group will go through. Then divide group(s) you have into two teams to an equal number of player.
  • .‍Step 2: Also each team will receive about 6-7 pieces of wood or cardboard. If the number of team players is large, for example, 10, then you can use over one piece of cardboard, each player has one.
  • Step 3: After marking the place to play and after giving the necessary materials, the players explain the purpose of the game. The goal of the game is for the entire team to cross the river using the cartons without stepping or touching the water. If a player in the team is unbalanced and falls or touching the ground, then the whole team starts from the beginning.
  • Step 4: All players have to walk on the piece of cardboard or wood is at hand, then the first player will have to raise his platform and put it on before jumping a step after which the entire team is doing the same. After that, the last player jumps on the front platform and raises it to the first to move forward. The first team to cross the river wins. The team from the beginning or the organizer of the game can decide the distance.

How To Win:

Being a team game, River Crossing requires work and communication between members. The team players must discuss and understand all steps and actions. You can be a member who can encourage and help your team to win.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. This game creates the opportunity for group members to communicate.
  2. All players contribute to the goal.
  3. Teamwork takes place.
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