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Do you know the main reason we play games? It is because of the fun and memories we get afterward. If you are really in for fun, then try this game “photo scavenger hunt”. It is a cool game for spring-autumn times. This game is about making digital pictures that are later gone through for the best. This game is really fun.

Materials Needed:

  • Digital cameras
  • Pens
  • Papers

How To Setup:

This game demands creativity, but as a team building activities, this is normal. In this game, there can be several groups and each should have about 3-5 players. This game is time demanding because most of the actions are done outdoor, therefore allocate enough time in your schedule for it.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: For a start, gather all the groups involved in the game. Each group will have a list of similar items they will snap and the place to get them. The items may include a flower with yellow petals, a Ford brand car, a cat, a tree etc.
  • Step 2: All the groups will take off at the same time. You can allocate more time depending on the list of objects you have written. Do not forget to get the digital camera, at least one for each group.
  • Step 3: Once the time elapses, all the groups will come back and show the pictures they have made. Some members will be elected to select the best pictures. Note that all the team must get a picture of the same objects or places as listed.
  • Step 4: Each team will be scored with respect to how good their picture looks. The team with the best pictures wins and is rewarded. But do not hesitate to appreciate the other teams.

How To Win:

This is a creative game for a small group. Owing to that, you should share your ideas and make the best decisions to increase your chance of winning. Always keep track of time. you can save time by checking for items on the list that are much easier to find and going for them. Work together as a team.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

1. Develops creativity.

2. Involves activities in nature.

3. Develops teamwork.

4. Helps in creating good memories.

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