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Do you know the main reason we play games? It is not only because of the excitement but also the memories we get afterward. If you are really in for some serious fun, then you need to try this activity. It is a great way to spend your time during cool seasons like spring or autumn with your group of friends or even some strangers.

“Photo Scavenger Hunt” Game Objective

The game objective is simple: you must take the best picture you can of various items written on a list.

What is Needed to Play “Photo Scavenger Hunt”

The items required to play this game are the following: digital cameras, pens, and paper.

“Photo Scavenger Hunt” Game Setup

The game demands a lot of creativity, but given the fact that this is a team building activity, it should not be a surprise. There can be several groups in the game and each should have 3 to 5 players. Be warned, that this activity can be time demanding because it requires a large outdoor area and in that sense, a significant amount of time should be allocated towards finishing your quest.

How to Play “Photo Scavenger Hunt”

Step 1.

All groups involved should gather in the beginning. Each team will have a specific list of items that they need to snap a picture of and the places they can be found. Items may vary according to where you are located ( e. g. flower petals, a wristband, a cat, a tree )

Step 2.

All groups will take off at the same time. You can allocate more time depending on the list of objects you have written down. One digital camera will be given to each group. They will search the given area for the items they have and take a picture of them.

Step 3.

Once the time is up, all groups will return to the starter point and showcase the picture they took. Each time must have a picture with every item they have on the list. They should showcase the best version of all the pictures they took.

Step 4.

Each team will be scored on how good their pictures look. The team with the best pictures wins the game and is rewarded.

How to Win at “Photo Scavenger Hunt”

This is a creative game for a small group of people. Owing to that, you should share your ideas and make the best decisions to increase your chance of winning. Always keep track of time. You can save it by checking for items on the list that are much easier to find and going after them first. Also, most importantly, you should work together as a team and diligently share tasks.

The Benefits of Playing “Photo Scavenger Hunt”

There are numerous benefits when playing this game. First and foremost it develops your creativity, by giving you a chance to express your artistic side when taking pictures of the items on your list. It is also a great way to develop teamwork in a great environment and create some great memories alongside your teammates.

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Table of Contents

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