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The Parachute Game is a fun activity, perfect for the great outdoors and any age group from children to adults. It is stimulating, entertaining and a great tool for exercise, social interaction, and collaboration. Participants playing this game will learn how to work in a group, focus, and be attentive.

“Parachute” Game Objective

The goal of the game is for all participants to move in sync while holding a parachute in order to make various waves.

What is Needed to Play the “Parachute” Game

Two sets of items will be required to play this game: a parachute and a ball.

“Parachute” Game Setup

Set the open parachute on the ground. Assemble a group of people to play. Have them sit or stand around the edge of the parachute. In case it has handles, they will grab it by the handles. If not, they will simply take the fabric in their hands and hold it tightly.

How to Play the “Parachute” Game

Step 1.

Designate a person to be Caller. When he says “UP!”, all players must lift their arms to make the parachute float in the air. When the Caller says “DOWN!”, the players should lower their arms to the starting position. When everybody can raise and lower the parachute in a coordinated fashion, you can start trying some different variations.

Step 2.

As the participants raise and lower the parachute, the Caller can say the name of one person. Upon hearing their name, the player in question can let go of the parachute and run under it to the opposite side. When he reached it, he will grab the parachute and the Caller can say the name of another player who will do the same thing as the previous one. This will continue until all participants have a chance to run under the parachute.

Step 3.

Another variation to the game would be for the Caller to name a participant that will attempt to run under the parachute. When he does, the other players will lower the parachute in order to trap him. The game continues until everyone has a chance to be caught.

Step 4.

One extra variation would be adding a ball in the center of the parachute and make the players work together to flip it in the air and catch it in the middle of the fabric. It is a great way to test their coordination and ability to come together as a team.

How to Win at the “Parachute” Game

As with most games, this one too requires a good amount of stamina. You have to be quite active, flexible, and completely focused on your task. You have to carefully watch not only your movements but also the movements of your team members. Since the basic rules of the game are easy to follow, winning is not as hard as you may think.

The Benefits of Playing the “Parachute” Game

One of the greatest advantages of this game is that it supports a lot of variations to its core rules. That being said, players can easily modify their movements and pick their tactics in search of victory. And on top of all that, it is a great way to spend your time in a fun and easy-going environment. 

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Table of Contents

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