Obstacle Course Game

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Materials Needed for “Obstacle Course”

  • ‍Variety of obstacles such as cones
  • balls
  • and other objects – depending on how many samples you want to have

How To Setup

The obstacle course is great with enough number of participants; around 20 or more, team games lose their value when the game is crowded and participant excess. The higher the participants, the more the inventory and sports items employed; attractive obstacles makes the surrounding appealing, and the game much fun. Ensure every participant gets involved, and the teaming should be fair.

How To Play

  • Step 1: Prepare the ground; it’s best to use a flat and safe platform to avoid accident and injury when playing the game. Conduct a quick drill to ensure all the player are active and familiar with the gaming terms and precautions.
  • ‍Step 2: Set the obstacle; the obstacle choice depends on the level of participants; the obstacle for adult participant needs to be upgraded and tough, so they don’t get bored and cold. You know your team best, and you should determine what kind of obstacle will be more competitive and friendlier to the environment.
  • Step 3: Divide the participants into teams; it’s best if you have a pair of teams, but if the number is much, 3 can serve. The critical part of the teaming is to ensure each group can work together with a leader. The leader must be organized and have a positive feed to the whole gaming idea.
  • Step 4: You can put the following obstacles or probes: One leg Jumping, crossing through circles, jumping with a bag, backing a player while running, surrounding a ball cone, jumping in the lengths of the field, etc. The main idea is to have ideally ten obstacles in the whole course. But ensure your obstacles can be maneuvered by your participants, so they don’t get too tired and bored while playing. End every game fit, so they’re eager to play next time. Flexibility is necessary when organizing a game. Surprises and rewards can get leave them in suspension, so they put in their best.

How To Win

In the obstacle game, it’s most important to understand the terms, conditions, and requirements of the game. If you meet all the requirements, you can be one of the winners. Take the initiative and show your talent at these tests in the obstacle race.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game

  1. Creates a favorable team spirit environment
  2. Helps you to bring out the best in you
  3. Enhances team motivation

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Table of Contents

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