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“Moving Oranges” is a very popular and well-known game. Although it requires a lot of energy from its participants, it is an interesting game to try. At a first glance, the rules of the game may seem easy to adhere to. In practice, however, it can be quite a challenge.

“Moving Oranges” Game Objective

The goal of the game is the following: within a given time, players must carry oranges between their knees to a designated spot.

What is Needed to Play the “Moving Oranges” Game

The two sets of objects that you will need to play the game are 10 oranges ( 5 for each team ) and a circle for every participant.

“Moving Oranges” Game Setup

At first, teams have to be selected. If there are two teams, one member from each one will be allowed to participate at a time. Each participant is given 5 oranges and a circle is placed at a distance of 5 meters in front of him. The oranges are moved with the help of one’s knees from the starting point to the circle in question. If the number of players is large enough, then you can simply modify the rules and let two people from each team participate.

How to Play “Moving Oranges”

Step 1.

Mark the designated place where the game will take place. Use the circles to pinpoint your distance and make sure they’re no further than 5 meters from the player.

Step 2.

Explain the rules of the game so that everyone will understand what they have to do. An extra tip to make it more enjoyable is to add music in the background.

Step 3.

Each player will be given 5 oranges. Their mission is to kneel and take the oranges between one’s knees, carefully get up and proceed to place the fruit in the circle in front of them. Their hands mustn’t touch the oranges or they will be disqualified.

Step 4.

If the orange is dropped, the player will try to pick it up and continue towards the circle.

Step 5.

The winner is the team whose player can put all 5 oranges in the circle first.

How to Win at “Moving Oranges”

Victory is no easy task when playing this game. It requires a lot of flexibility, patience, and focus. Picking the orange off the ground and walking with it between your knees is harder than one may think. You need plenty of stamina and perseverance to achieve your goal.

The Benefits of Playing “Moving Oranges”

This is a great activity because it helps those who partake, improve not only their teamwork but also their resilience. It’s a great way to bond with others and have some fun in an exciting environment.

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Table of Contents

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