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It is easy to communicate when you have no obstacles. Try the Messenger Game and see if you can talk with your full mouth. The objective of the game is to understand the message spoken by a person with a mouth full of biscuits. This can be done if the person arranges his biscuits in good order in his mouth.

Materials Needed for “Messenger Game”

  • ‍Biscuits
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • cups of water
  • trash can

How To Setup:

Messenger Game requires a space where you will prepare all the necessary things. Only 2 players will be out of the entire group. One player from each team. Up to 20 people can participate. But if you have a small number of players, you can easily adapt it.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Write 6 messages on separate pieces of paper. The participants are divided into 2 equal teams as the number of players. Each team will receive a piece of paper and a pen. From each team, there is a volunteer who will go out in front.
  • Step 2: Each volunteer is given a biscuit that he has to put in his mouth. Then they are shown the sheet with the first message written on it. The messenger (the volunteer) must communicate the message read from the biscuit sheet in the mouth of his team. This is done for one minute.
  • Step 3: At the same time, the teams have to write the message I hear and understand on the sheet. Obviously, since the messenger’s mouth is full of biscuits, he will not be able to communicate the message clearly, and it will be possible for him to fall asleep from the mouth of his mouth.
  • Step 4: Once the message has been sent, ask the attendees to read what they have written. Give a point to a team or team that was accurate, that is, the message written by them is exactly like the message sent by messenger. In Messenger Game, the messenger can throw the biscuit from his mouth into the garbage can if he does not like it. As a variation, if the messenger conveys the first message clearly, you can ask him to take a biscuit in his mouth, which will make it even more difficult to convey the message.

How To Win:

If you are the messenger who will send the message to the team it is important that the biscuits are well arranged in the mouth. It is usually good to place the biscuits on the outside as if they were in the middle of the mouth so that they could place the message on the sheet.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. It creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere
  2. You can check your messengers if they can communicate with some barriers
  3. Participating teams check their focus on understanding some unclear phrases

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Table of Contents

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