Jump In Jump Out

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This is a game that can be played either indoors or outdoors, depending on the preference of weather and space available. All participants in this game should be as active as possible, otherwise, they might quickly lose. The game requires focus and quick action. 

What You Need to Have to Play “Jump In Jump Out”


“Jump in Jump Out” Game Setup:

This game is suitable for both small and large groups, it can be played with between 5 and 20 participants. Additionally, the game play requires one person to “lead” the game and try to confuse the participants. The fastest-acting, most careful and focused player wins the game.

How to Play “Jump In Jump Out”

Step 1

All players, along with the game play leader, stand in a large circle formation.

Step 2

Take time to explain the rules of the game, along with a few practice runs to make sure everyone understood. This is a game of avoiding confusion. 

Step 3

The game leader would do one thing, and say another. The participants must focus on what the leader says and fight the urge to imitate what the leader does. In other words, “do what I say, not what I do.” Do two practice runs. After that, whoever fails the task is out of the game. 

Step 4

The game continues until only two participants are left, along with the leader. The last two players standing then compete with each other for victory.

Step 5

If the leader of the game has tired or has run out of ideas, anyone of the other players can take turns leading the game. Multiple rounds can be played.

How to Win at “Jump in Jump Out”

Not everyone is equally fast at ignoring the strong tendency to imitate behaviors, therefore not everyone makes it too far along in the game. But everyone can equally enjoy (it is just a game) and cheer from the sidelines. Good focus and impulse control will get you to victory: copy what the game play leader says, not what he or she does, even if everything happens very fast.

The Benefits of Playing “Jump in Jump Out”

This game helps participants develop attention and focus in a playful setting, encourages group unity, ensures a good buzz workout and lots of laughs!

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Table of Contents

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