Benefits of Team Building for Teens

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Teens are usually very enthusiastic and energetic. They’re going through a period in their lives when they need good activities in order to communicate well with one another and develop constructive relationships. We know very well that a large percent of teens prefer to direct their attention towards modern technologies and spend their time surfing the web. However, at some point, there will appear a need for collaboration, and for this purpose, teenagers will be forced to work together. This is a good thing because, through it, they discover their personal needs, how to relate and connect with other people and how to provide help to those in need. In that sense, team building games for teens are aimed at bringing a group together and motivate and teach them how to work effectively as a team. Such activities are full of benefits, some of which will be listed below.

Motivation Enhancement

Someone said that most successful people are those who manage to constantly motivate themselves. This may be true, but motivation must first be cultivated somehow. Teenagers are usually motivated by external sources, depending on encouragement from others. For some of them, motivation comes from doing various activities that they carry out among themselves. When competition is on the table and they see someone winning at something, it motivates them to fully participate and give their best shot so that they may win as well. Team building activities provide a framework where teens can meet one another and organize various competitions. 

Productive Environment 

Being constantly productive is not an easy feat, especially for teenagers, who can easily get distracted by various aspects of their lives. However, practice through imitation is a good way to increase your productivity levels. In that sense, team building activities bring teens together, help unite them and form a strong team. With that, they learn how to help each other and be productive by imitating their teammates. That is because they have to work together for a well-established purpose. Of course, their goals have to extensive, provide encouragement and an opportunity for developing their abilities.

Communication Improvement

It is a known fact that most teenagers suffer from an inferiority complex and because of that they are not able to communicate well with one another and are usually more reserved in their daily interactions. Teens that go through this stage have a more difficult time, especially if they can’t work through their problems. However, there are many activities that will push them to open and even initiate conversations. Encouraging a teenager to participate in a team building activity can help them socialize better. This can be even more helpful if their team achieves victory during a game. Their happiness level will increase and there will be a higher chance that they will want to repeat the experience, thus socializing even more.

Strategic Thinking 

Even though it may seem a bit early to talk about strategic thinking when it comes to teenagers, early preparation is key. If it is done at this stage, they become more responsible and attentive to what is entrusted to them. To win a game, a teen must think and plan, even the smallest details. Doing this frequently through team building activities will eventually become a habit that they will enforce in their day-to-day lives.

In conclusion, the benefits of team building for teens are numerous. Below are some ideas for team building activities for teens as well as for other categories of people:

Back to Back Driving – Select 2 players from your team for each round. The two will sit back to back from one another. One will have pictures, and the other, some drawing tools. Describe what you have in your picture while the other person draws it. While describing, you must not mention the name of the item you are seeing. The other participant has to draw only from your description and you’ll see how close the drawing looks when compared to the real picture.

Truth and a Lie Ideas –Every game has distinct qualities that make it the best fit for any team. The “Truth and a Lie Ideas” is a perfect team building activity for teens, especially when you’re meeting for the first time. Or maybe you’ve been together as a team, but know a little about each other. It’s a complete icebreaker game. Here, you will write 3 things about yourself, two of which are true, and one that is a lie. Collect all the papers with a basket and pass them around again. This time, if you pick up any, you’ll specify if the person on the note is saying the truth or not about himself.

  • Materials needed: sheets and pens
  • Game Time: 5-15 minutes
  • Number of Players: 8-20

A Victim and The Kidnapper – All the participants should form a circle. You’ll choose two people from the group, a kidnapper and the victim. Blindfold them both and put them in the circle. Now, the kidnapper has only 30 seconds to catch the victim. Even when blindfolded, you can recognize voices, so everyone should be quiet. The kidnapper will try to catch the prospect, while as the potential victim, you must avoid that to the best of your abilities. If caught in 30 seconds, you’ll switch place with the kidnapper.

  • Materials needed: something to tie his eyes
  • Game Time: 5-10 minutes
  • Number of Players: 10-20

Cross the River – this is a simple team building game you can try. Once you have your team, you’ll only need sheets or wooden boards. Divide the team into two groups. Each one will cross a marked distance walking only on the sheets/boards. If you leave the sheet, your team will start all over again. Give the first player two sheets. Let’s say you’re the first to go: place the two sheets on the floor and walk over it, while your team follows suit. When it gets to the last person, he’ll pass you the last sheet so you can place it on the floor and continue. You’ll continue switching the sheets till you get to the finish line.



Table of Contents

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