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Are you easily bored during games? Do you want to have some fun? Then look no further than “The Bodyguard”. This is the perfect activity for a large group of people, it’s full of interaction and chases boredom away. But, what about a smaller group? If the lack of people is your problem, worry not, because this game can be played with a lesser crowd also.

“The Bodyguard” Game Objective

The goal of the game is simple: defend the peaceful man from attacks coming from outside of your territory.

What is Needed to Play “The Bodyguard”

There are a few elements required to play this game and those are cones for marking and a bunch of softballs for the players outside the marked area.

“The Bodyguard” Game Setup

To play this game, all players must form a circle and within that circle, two participants will stand. One will act as the bodyguard and the other will be the one who needs protection. Each player outside the circle will mark his spot with a cone. The game starts with a ball thrown at the furnace that is protected by the bodyguard.

How to Play “The Bodyguard”

Step 1.

Choose your players and make them form a circle, surrounding the protected and the protector. The bodyguard will have to defend the peaceful man against eventual attacks coming from outside the circle.

Step 2.

A player from the outside starts the game by throwing a ball. The goal of each participant standing outside the circle is to touch the man protected by the bodyguard. The latter will do nothing but defend the man with his hands and body while avoiding all the balls thrown at him.

Step 3.

If the ball falls down or if it is thrown out of the circle, you may bring it back and continue playing the game. If the peaceful man is not touched after 20 passes, then the outsiders get a second ball so that there will be two balls versus one bodyguard.

Step 4.

If the peaceful man is hit, he will take the place of the bodyguard, and the player that hit the peaceful man will be the new bodyguard. This way the game will be even more interactive.

How to Win at “The Bodyguard”

To be able to win this game, all players must think of themselves in terms of elements of a network. Teamwork is highly important in this scenario. If you have no free space left and you are stuck with the ball, then pass it over to a fellow player standing next to you. This way, you will have more chances of succeeding. As an individual, play with a tactic in mind. Try to throw the ball in a direction that the bodyguard isn’t protecting. 

The Benefits of Playing “The Bodyguard”

The main advantage when it comes to playing this game is teamwork enhancement. Relying on your members is important if you want to succeed. Moreover, this game teaches focus and develops attention span. Not only that, but it serves the bodyguard also, who will benefit from an increase in understanding how protection works and whatever tactics must be employed in achieving that.



Table of Contents

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