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The Human Knot Game is a very effective team building game. It is quite impressive and perfect for enhancing collaboration in every emerging team. And in that sense, we are going to skip any pleasantries and tell you that this is an activity where you basically have to untie a human knot without letting go of your team members’ hands. To do this, the group must work together.

“Human Knot” Game Objective

The goal of the game is simple, yet hard to attain: the team must carefully untie its members who will form a carefully tight human knot.

What is Needed to Play the “Human Knot” Game

Nothing is required in order to play the game.

“Human Knot” Game Setup

This game is specifically designed for a team. You must therefore assemble a group of people ( 5 minimum, ideally 10 ). You can play the game both in an outdoor area like a park, or, if you have space, you can choose something indoors. 

How to Play the “Human Knot” Game

Step 1.

All players will gather and the rules of the game will be clearly stated. 

Step 2.

All participants will hold hands and form a circle. This will be done in a different way than usual. Each player will grab with his left hand, the left hand of another player, and with his right, another right. After this, all members will rotate from the outside to the inside and then try and undo the knot.

Step 3.

After making sure that all players are locking arms properly, the team will begin to untie itself. At a first glance, the knot will appear to be thick and congested due to numerous crossed arms in various ways. In that sense, it will be helpful if the group spreads out a bit so as to see where to begin in their quest.

Step 4.

Be ready to bend, twirl and be as flexible as you can. In the beginning it will be difficult, but because it is a team game you have to think about your members and work together to succeed.

How to Win at the “Human Knot” Game

Winning takes a lot of ambition and no short amount of stamina. In order to do achieve that, you must combine your efforts with those of your team members. You need flexibility, coordination, and help from your team for a better result. Do not hesitate to appreciate and encourage the work put in by all those involved.

The Benefits of Playing the “Human Knot” Game

This activity is a great way to improve team cooperation and communication. It gives you a better idea of how combined team efforts work and it’s an efficient method to build relationships. And, as a bonus, you will do all of that in a fun and exciting atmosphere that will definitely boost your mood.

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Table of Contents

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