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Human Knot Game


The “Human Knot Game” is an effective team building game. It’s exceptional and perfect to enhance collaboration for in every team. Let’s halt the pleasantry. In this game, you’re required to figure out a way to untie a human knot without leaving your hands. This is done with the aid of the whole team.

Materials Needed for “Human Knot Game” :

  • ‍Nothing

How To Setup:

The “Human Knot Game ” is for a team. The team could be played by a team of 5 persons, and the number could be increased depending on the number of people available; the ideal number of the group would be 10 persons. All participants will chain their hands together to form a circle. This is done with the left hands to the left hand and right hand to right hands respectively. After this, all participants rotate from the outside to the inside and then try to undo the knot.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: For an effective game, you’ll definitely need a group of participants to make up the team. The group should constitute about 5-10 people, then make a circle and explain the rule because they’ll need to understand that first. You’ll make sure the participants understand the rules of the game to move on to the second step.
  • Step 2: Each player will have to grab the left hand of the other persons in the circle with their left, and right hand for right hand. Do not extend your hands for other participants outside the circle.
  • Step 3: After making sure that all the players have their hands chained, each player will rotate inside the circle and thus form a knot. At first glance, the knot will be thick and congested because of the numerous crossed arms, it’ll be more convenient if the group spreads out a bit of allowance.
  • Step 4: Be ready to be flexible and bend, twirl, in any position to untie the knot. Of course, at the first stage, it will be difficult, but because it is a team game you have to think about the whole group involved in this activity.

How To Win:

Human Knot Game is one of the several team-building games, so your involvement will be necessary to restart the game. Be very flexible and also cooperate with your team for a better result. Do not hesitate to encourage and appreciate the effort of all group members.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:


  1. Effective communication in a team building game
  2. Better knowledge of other people
  3. Creates a pleasant atmosphere
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