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The idea of the game is to interact with group members to discover the person whom the statements written on the sheet are true about. In order to do this, participants have to walk around the hall and speaking in a whisper, they have to find someone who is affixed to any of the statements on his sheet. The person signs on the right square and both continue searching.

Materials Needed:

  • ‍Pen and Paper (for all participants)

How To Setup:

There are up to 20 people in this game who interact with each other through various questions. Each participant must have a paper in which the same statements must be written. There are several statements written on these charts. Although, you can adjust the affirmations according to your group. Examples of the statements: He likes to cook, travel to countries in Europe, lives with other family members, reads the newspaper regularly, has his own laundry, has more than two animals, plays a musical instrument, parents or grandparents were born in – another country, can speak in several foreign languages.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Print the game cards. There are various personal statements on Bingo. Participants need to interact and find someone in the group, for which the statements on the fiche are true – one man on each affirmation. To do this, participants have to walk around the room and whisper between each other (the rule is never to speak loudly so others may not hear the answers).
  • Step 2: When they find someone who meets the criteria on the fiche, they must sign with their names in the designated box, then they will both search for it.
  • Step 3: A participant can sign only one time for another person. In order to complete the whole sheet, the participants must interact and talk to as many people as possible.
  • Step 4: When someone fills out the card, he gives a shout Bingo! and sits on the chair. After the first three Bingo shouts, the game stops.
  • Step 5: Depending on the context, you can change the affirmations. In this way, the participants will be more interested to play this game once.

How To Win:

In Bingo’s human game, – You need to be very open to communication and to socialize with people. – Be the first to interrogate the group of people you will be in touch with. – Read the affirmations carefully so that you do not hear and go to another person quickly and look for whether the statement is for him or her.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

This game helps the participants to:

1.      Develop excellent team spirit and good communication skills.
2.      Increase interest and curiosity about other colleagues.
3.      Give a list of characteristics of the group to which he/she belongs.

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