Human Bingo

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The main idea of this game is to interact with your group members and ask them questions regarding the various statements written on the paper sheets to achieve a Bingo pattern.

“Human Bingo” Game Objective

The objective of the game is to successfully guess whether the affirmations written about a participant in question are true or not.

What is Needed to Play “Human Bingo”

The materials required to play this game are pens and paper available for all participants.

“Human Bingo” Game Setup

Up to 20 people can participate in this game. They will interact with one another through various questions. Each participant must have a paper on which the statements must be written on. Although you must adjust the affirmations according to your group, some examples are as follow: “He likes to cook” / “She likes to travel to Europe” / “Plays an instrument” / “Often throws parties” / “Can speak multiple foreign languages”, etc. 

How to Play “Human Bingo

Step 1.

Print the game cards. On them, write various personal statements ( either random or specific remarks about the participants ).

Step 2.

People must interact with one another and find out which of the statements written on their card match with someone present in the room. To do so, each player will quietly ask whether an affirmation written on their card is accurate for the person they are talking to ( e.g. “Do you like to cook?” ).

Step 3.

When they encounter someone who meets the criteria on their sheet, they must cross it out. Each statement must match another person so a participant must interact with the crowd to cross affirmations out.

Step 4.

When someone fills out the card, he shouts “Bingo!” and steps out of the game. After three Bingo shouts the game stops.

How to Win at “Human Bingo”

In order to win, you have to be open to communicate with other people and not turn away from socialization. Be the first to interrogate the group of people you will be in touch with. Read the affirmations carefully so that you won’t be heard by others and quickly go from person to person. Stealth and a bold attitude will surely get you far in this game.

The Benefits of Playing “Human Bingo”’

This game helps the participants to develop excellent communication skills and build charisma. It’s a generator of interest, pushing players to find out information regarding their fellow group members. Not only that, but it helps create relationships based on common interests as people are more likely to find a common ground with those that partake in the game.

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Table of Contents

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