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How To Play ‘Ninja’?

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Quick story time: This morning, I was chilling around the block with my neighbors’ children, who were all over the place, playing ‘Toilet tag’ and ‘Steal the bacon’. We’ve been friends for quite some time now and while I was looking at them, running and spinning out there, I suddenly remembered the ‘Ninja’ game. Let me tell you something: today, I was their favorite person. Once I taught them how to play ‘Ninja’, that’s all they did until dinner was served.

Are you interested in learning a game that holds the kids’ attention and engages them in a fun outdoor activity? Stick with us!

Materials and equipment

Playing ‘Ninja’ doesn’t require any materials at all, that’s what turns it into a great option for:

Even if the ‘Ninja’ game is appropriate for both indoors and outdoors, you should keep in mind that it requires a bit of space. Make sure the living room is big enough and be sure to designate clear boundaries for the playing area. Also, take care of things if children get too noisy.

Players and purposes

  • To play ‘Ninja’, you will need at least 3 players. Of course, things are a lot more fun if there are more people involved, so the perfect group size would be 6-12 players. Still, you can get things started for less than that, so just go for it. This game is for ages 5 and up.  
  • The purpose of this game is to be the last ninja standing. So make sure you get the other players out, one limb at a time.

How to play ‘Ninja’?

Ready, steady…

  1. First, gather all the players in a circle. 
  2. Ask them to stand with their hands together, facing the center of the circle.
  3. Explain the rules and emphasize the fact that they must have quick reactions. 


  1. All the players shout ‘3, 2, 1, Ninja!’, then strike a ninja pose. They must freeze in that position.
  2. Next, every player takes a turn in going around the circle and attacking their opponents by swiping at their hands. 
  3. They get one move. They can karate chop another player’s arm below the elbow, or kick their ankle or foot. They can try to get any player out. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the person standing next to you. The player being attacked can dodge your ninja move. If they successfully karate chop their arm below the elbow or their foot/ankle, then that limb is out!
  4. The other players must avoid having their hands hit. Defending children can dodge if they think they will be hit but they must also freeze once the attack is finished. If a player is hit on the hand, that hand is out. A player is out of the game when both of their arms and legs are out.
  5. The game continues until only one player is left. He becomes ‘the last ninja standing’ and he is declared the winner.

Skills and abilities

  • Quickness and sharpness;
  • Spatial awareness;
  • Balancing and dodging – locomotor skills. 

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Table of Contents

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