How to Organize a Team Building Games

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For most companies, team building activities have become well known and applied even in practice. Those who have experienced such activities have seen with their eyes how people can be influenced, encouraged, and spiritually grow by the team. However, it is good to specify from the beginning some things that will be required to be practiced to achieve results. Team building games must be selected according to your context or according to the people you have.

I want to write a few ideas that you can apply to prepare team building games.

You can read them in the rows below.

  • Step 1: People must be the first plan and not the activity itself. Because Team Building games involve people, surely the most important thing is to invest in them. Some people reverse things and prioritize games, activities, but people are left in second place.


  • Step 2:  Find the needs of people, young, teenagers. Search the target group and see what they need to know how you can help them. There may be divergences in communication, character, behavior, and more.


  • Step 3: Once you have established and concretized your need, look for the best activities, ways to get around. Not all things go first, and not all activities solve problems.


  • Step 4: The Team games you find should be according to the age and number of participants. You can not prepare an activity that involves 20 people, for example, with 2 people because you will not have enough people.


  • Step 5: Choose the right place. In most cases, the quality of the activities is also offered by the chosen location. The place must be well-chosen to be able to play without hindrance and not be disturbed. All the more if you want to talk in public. In the summer it is preferable to do activities in nature because they are more appropriate. Living colors are better and make the atmosphere more enjoyable.


  • Step 6: Find the right person to lead team building. The person chosen must have the following qualities:
  1. Have a fluent communication             
  2. Well explain the games
  3. Be ready to listen to the participants’ opinions
  4.   Have a sense of humor
  5. Be well prepared for any activity
  6. Responsible
  7.  Encourage
  8. Be flexible

After stepping through the steps listed above, go to work. Plan the first meeting. Communicate with people and try to reach your goals. Whether it was good or not at the first meeting, do not get discouraged. At the end of all the activities, you make an assessment to see what was good and what did not work. You have all the opportunities to correct yourself and next time to do better and to succeed.




Table of Contents

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