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Heads Up Seven Up


Do you still cherish those old days memories in school? Then check out “Heads Up, Seven Up.” This game is the quiet type, and it’s defined to exhibit a classroom atmosphere where you have tables, a serene environment, and that extra feeling words can’t put down. If you’ve been in school, then you’ll know better

Materials Needed for “Heads Up, Seven Up” :

  • Tables
  • chairs

How To Setup:

To get that feeling of a classroom, you need not be told that the most adequate environment for this game will be indoors in a ventilated and spacious room. However, to ensure you’re not cut out, you could play outdoor, but the environment should be conducive, with little or no distractions at all. There’s no specific number of persons to participate in this game, but when recruiting your players, you should be sensitive tit he available material and space.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Seven persons should be called out from the entire group to come forward (but that depends on the available persons), and they’ll be addressed as the seven we have in our caption. The remaining persons should take a sit by the tables and pay keen attention to the leader of the game. The leader here serves as a teacher, and the first instruction you’ll issue out is “all heads down and eyes closed.”
  • Step 2: Once this instruction is issued, it should be obeyed, and all eyes should be shut. The participants that have their head on the seat already should raise a thumb, slightly above their head. And then the teacher signals the outstanding seven. When the teacher cried out, no one of the participants had to move or open their eyes. Everyone stays closed and picks up a finger at the top of the mine. Then the teacher signals to the seven participants in front of the students to go to the room quietly.
  • Step 3: The seven are to go through the class quietly and touch any thumb off all the raised fingers. It’ll be done in such a way that the sitting participants having their heads down don’t know who amongst the seven touched them. After this, the seven will return to the front of the class.
  • Step 4: Now, our acting teacher should call every once attention and allow them to raise their heads up. This is where the game comes up. The touched persons will have to intuitively determine the person that touched the thumb.For example, if Veronica is one of the students who has been touched by Alexander, who is among the seven who are standing in front of the class. Veronica will have to perceive this, and if she’s correct, then she has won, and she’ll have to exchange places with Alexander. If the sitting participants are less than 10, it’ll be advisable to reduce the standing persons to any reasonable number; it’s not necessarily seven persons.

How To Win:

In the Heads Up, Seven Up game you can be one of the seven or amongst the sitting participant and with your thumb up. If you participate as a student, you are likely to be a winner if you carefully observe the movements of the seven who will try to reach you. Anything you can hear it with your ear. If you are one of the seven who has the mission to achieve, then you will have to behave differently than your usual self. You have to mislead the students so they can’t determine who just touched them.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:


  1. The game creates this classroom atmosphere and reconnects you back to the old days
  2. All participants can exchange seats
  3. Creates a pleasant and calm atmosphere
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