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Do you still cherish those old memories when you were a kid in school? Do you want to relive some of them? Then you have come to the right place! “Heads Up, Seven Up” is a great activity to do just that. It stimulates perfectly the atmosphere within a classroom, it has a quiet and serene quality and that specific feeling that can’t be put into words. If you’ve been in school, however, you will have no problem recognizing it.

Heads Up, Seven Up Game Objective

The goal of the game is the following: players must correctly guess which person touched them with their eyes closed.

kids playing heads up 7 up game

What is Needed to Play Heads Up, Seven Up

The two types of objects required to play this game are tables and chairs. Numbers will vary according to how many people will take part in the game.

Heads Up, Seven Up Game Setup

In order to recreate the atmosphere within a classroom, you need an indoor space available for use. It needs to be spacious enough to hold a good number of tables and chairs. There is always the less desired option of playing the game outdoors, but make sure you find a spot where you will have little to no distractions at all. There is no specific number of people that can play the game, but when you are recruiting your players, you should take into account the place you have opted for.

How to Play Heads Up, 7 Up Game

Step 1.

Seven people will be called from the entire group to come forward ( the number may differ, depending on how many people participate ). The remaining will take a seat at the tables and pay attention to the leader of the game. The leader here serves as a teacher. He will instruct the seated players to put their heads down and close their eyes.

Step 2.

They will obey the order and after setting their head on the table, they will slightly raise one hand, with their thumb pointing out. The teacher will then instruct the seven participants standing in front of the “students” to go quietly around the room and touch any raised thumb of their choosing. It will be done in such a way that the seated players won’t be able to know who touched them. Afterward, the seven will return to the front of the class.

Step 3.

The teacher will instruct the seated players to raise their heads and open their eyes. They will then have to intuitively guess the person who touched them. If player A touched player B and player B correctly guessed that player A touched him or her, then player B has won. Upon winning the pair will switch places ( player A will become a “student” and player B will be part of the seven ). If the seated people are less than 10 in number, then it is advisable to reduce the standing individuals to a reasonable number.

How to Win at “Heads Up, Seven Up”

In the “Heads Up, Seven Up” game you can be either one of the people standing or one of the people sitting. If you participate as a “student”, then you have a chance at winning if you carefully observe the movements of the ones who will walk among you. If you are one of the people moving, then you must adjust your steps and make sure you are making no noise or any type of action that may distinguish you from the rest. You have to purposely mislead the students into believing you are someone you’re not.

The Benefits of Playing “Heads Up, Seven Up”

This is a great game if you want to recreate some old memories from your school days. It creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere and it’s the perfect tool to bring people together and reminisce over the past.

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Table of Contents

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