Camp Game

Tie the hands with the rope

April 5, 2018

This game is beneficial for groups of people who want to compete. Both groups will have some difficulty in all the tests. One of them is that all members of the group will be connected with a rope. The game can also be played in a single group, only as evidence must be met at the time set by the leader. I can participate in the team from 4-12 people.

Materials Needed:

  • A rope or you can also use scarves.

How To Setup:

For this game, all participants have to sit in a circle, facing the inside. Once everyone is in position, they will catch up with a handful of ropes. After everyone is bound, the leader will give some practical things to do. example: • Packing a gift • Build a bridge • Pour a cup of water for each person in the group.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: Those willing to participate in this game are arranged in a line and count from one to two. This will form 2 teams.

  • Step 2: The players in both teams must be face to face and join one another. Then each participant in the team is bound to each other by a rope.

  • Step 3: The leader of the game must have in time ready all the tests that the teams must meet. The tests do not have to be very hard because the participants are tied to the hands.

  • Step 4: You have to follow, each test how it is done, so as not to create a divergence between teams. They must also check the quality of the evidence.

  • Step 5: Points will be awarded for each completed test. Following all activities, we calculate the total amount of points in both teams. The team that gathered the most points will be considered as winning.

  • Step 6: It is good and beautiful for those who have won to be remunerated with a little surprise. In this way, their work will be appreciated and encouraged.

How To Win:

Because it is a team game, it must be considered that it is necessary for a good communication and flexibility of the group. Not everyone is endowed and good in everything. Therefore, those who are better at evidence must help others to achieve their goals. Be the one who encourages all members because spiritually the team can make a difference.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  • Each participant contributes to the achievement of the objectives
  • Improves teamwork
  • The results are great because the whole team is working