Four Corners Game

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Four Corners Game

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This is a great game that is ready to be played by any age group. It is, however, widely accepted and popular, especially among youngsters and teens. It can be played in pretty much any condition and it has simple and few rules. You can use it for learning or to create a pleasant atmosphere.

“Four Corners” Game Objective

The goal of the game is to eliminate the players positioned in four different corners.

What is Needed to Play the “Four Corners” Game

The objects required to play this game are markers and a piece of material to put around your eyes.

“Four Corners” Game Setup

For this game, you will need five people minimum. One of the players will be in the middle and the rest will be in four different corners. The corners will be numbered. This game can easily be organized indoors or outdoors. All you need is an object that will act as the corner if you are in a park for instance. If it’s organized indoors simply mark the corners of the room with numbers.

How to Play the “Four Corners” Game

Step 1.

Start with the technical side and prepare everything beforehand. Choose five people to participate and then describe the game.

Step 2.

A participant should be the middleman. He will be blindfolded with any type of fabric that is available to you. He will then begin to count out loud from 1 to 10. During this time the four players in the corners can move and exchange their places.

Step 3.

Once the count is done, the middleman will mention any number from 1 to 10, trying to call out the numbers representing the corners. Any player standing in the corner whose number was mentioned is eliminated.

Step 4.

The game continues until all players are eliminated. It’s important to mention, however, how the participants move. They have to do so quietly so that the middleman can’t hear any noise.

How to Win at the “Four Corners” Game

Since this is a game that involves multiple people, it can get quite dynamic. That is why you have to be very careful and engage smoothly. If you are standing in the corners, try to use a great amount of stealth in your movements so that you won’t make any noise. If you are the middleman, try to be as present as possible and catch any sound that is coming to you to find in which corners the participants are.

The Benefits of Playing the “Four Corners” Game

This a great game for strengthening your concentration skills. It makes players more focused within their environment. It also generates a fun atmosphere and boosts familiarity levels between people. It can bring about various friendships, as people that are playful together tend to maintain their connection later.

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Table of Contents

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