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 Four Corners Game


The Four Corners game is up to scratch for any age group. It is accepted and popular, especially among youngsters and teens. It can be played in any condition to have simple and light rules. You can use it for learning as well as in a pleasant atmosphere. The goal of the game is to eliminate the four players in four different corners.

Materials Needed for “Four Corners Game “:

  • Marker
  • a piece of material to tie the eyes

How To Setup:

For four corners game, you will need five people. One of the players will be in the middle and the others will be in four different corners. The corners will be numbered with the corresponding numbers from 1 to 4. This game can be organized indoor as well as outdoor. Players in the four corners are given a few seconds to pick up their place and stay there.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: First of all, start with the technical side and prepare everything to get it. If organized indoor, mark the 4 corners of the room with numbers from 1 to 4. Choose five people to be participating, then describe the game and the available conditions.
  • Step 2: A participant should play as a middleman. The middleman will be blindfolded with a little fabric or any available material so he can’t see anything. He’ll start counting out loud, from 1 to 10. During this time the four players in the corners can move and exchange their place.
  • Step 3: Once done with the count, he’ll choose to mention any number ranging from 1 to 10 to represent the four corners. Any player standing at any point he mentions first will be eliminated. If only 4 players participate, then only one participant of the 4 can sit in one corner. But 8 players could participate, but note that a maximum of 2 players should be found in any of the corners.
  • Step 4: The game will continue until all four players are eliminated. It is also important to mention the way the participants move. You have to do it in a quiet way so you will not be heard by the middle one.

How To Win:

The four corners game is a group and very dynamic. That’s why you have to be very careful and conceived for the whole time. If you are the middle person being tied to sharp eyes carefully all the movements and around you to figure out in which corner the participants are. If you are at the corner,  then be careful of your movement – it should be sensible so you won’t be making noise, and be heard.


The Benefits Of Playing This Game:

  1. Helps in developing concentration
  2. Creates a pleasant atmosphere
  3. Boosts familiarity and optimizes the advantages.
  4. Develops friendship in a team
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