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“Follow the Leader” is a dynamic and interesting game, perfect for a relaxing day with your friends. It is usually played by standing in a circle, but it can be easily adapted to your existent conditions.

“Follow the Leader” Game Objective

One person, standing in the middle of the circle will try and identify the originator of the activities between the people present.

What is Needed to Play “Follow the Leader”

Nothing is required to play this game.

“Follow the Leader” Game Setup

This is an action-packed game that acts as a good warm-up or even a great generator for an energized atmosphere. No complex preparation is actually required. The only thing that you need to do is find a large open space, either outdoors or indoors. Then find suitable players, preferably ages 8 and up. In terms of numbers, a group that consists of 8 to 16 people should be enough.

How to Play “Follow the Leader”

Step 1.

All participants will form a circle and listen to the rules. One individual will leave the room for a short amount of time. He will be the one who guesses the identity of the leader. The rest of the group will pick a leader in his or her absence.

Step 2.

The person who left will return to the rest of the group. He will stand in the middle of the circle. Once the game starts, players will clap their hands up and down. The leader of the game will begin to make different movements, without being too obvious. The rest of the players will imitate whatever change in the movement took place.

Step 3.

The leader will act in any way he wants. The rest of the players within the circle will be careful towards the leader, without making eye contact or being obvious in any way. The identity of the leader shouldn’t be so easily revealed. The person in the circle will have to monitor everybody and try and guess who the leader is. He is allowed to make 3 assumptions before failing.

Step 4.

If the person guessed correctly, then he and the leader will switch seats and the game will begin anew. It will continue so until more players have the opportunity to be the leader.

How to Win at  “Follow the Leader”

In this game, it is important to be ready to assume the role of the leader, but also be able to watch carefully from within the circle. If you are the leader, then you should move in a way that won’t be very obvious to the center player. You can make subtle movements or wait until his gaze is directed elsewhere. If you are in the center, then carefully follow everyone and try and notice who is the first one to change the rhythm.

The Benefits of Playing “Follow the Leader”

One great benefit of playing this game is the fact that players will learn how to communicate properly with gestures and be creative when doing so. Moreover, it is a great way to develop your attention span and focus on the task at hand.

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Table of Contents

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