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Crossing The Line


Crossing The Line, or rather, “who will cross the line”, is a short activity in which the participants in the game try to convince each other to
cross over a line. The goal of this team game is to make the participants realize that they will have more success working together than being aside from the group and trying to do something by themselves. It is similar to the game cross the river game. Both games have the idea of teamwork.

Materials Needed for “Crossing The Line” :

  • ‍chalk or a thread to delimit the space in two

How To Setup:

For Crossing The Line you need free space. I can attend up to 20 people. Being a team game it is understood that the idea will be approached in at least two people. The game lasts for up to 5 minutes as soon as the participants are convinced.

How To Play:

  • Step 1: To begin with, prepare an insulating tape on the floor to split the room into two. Or you can also use a longer thread or something to delineate the room.
  • Step 2: All participants in the game are divided into two equal groups. Ask the groups to sit face to face on each side of the line drawn using the insulating tape.
  • Step 3: Players have 30 seconds to convince the person
    on the other side of the line (face to face) to cross the line. If I do not succeed in 30 seconds, give them a minute for that.
    Participants need to negotiate or to fool the other person to cross the line. No players are allowed to touch each other.
  • Step 4: After finishing the game you can ask these questions. How many of you have persuaded the other person to cross the line? How you do do it? What did you try and did not work? How does this activity work? How can we work together to ensure better collaboration?

How To Win:

Crossing The Line is the most appropriate game at work or in an environment where you will need to be creative. If you are a participant in such a game to be a winner or to convince the adversary, you need to be creative and apply your skills to persuade a person. Do it so that you can convince the one near you to cross the line on your side.

The Benefits Of Playing This Game:


  1. stimulates a very interesting discussion
  2. stimulates creative thinking
  3. the participants practice their sales skills
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