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If building your capacity to successfully convince someone to do something you want is what you are after, then look no further than this simple, yet entertaining activity. 

“Cross the Line” Game Objective

The goal of the game is the following: the participants must ensure that their opponents will cross the line in greater numbers than their own teammates will.

What is Needed to Play “Cross the Line”

There is only one material you will be needing in order to play this game and that is either chalk or some thread ( which will mark the lines behind which the players will position themselves ).

“Cross the Line” Game Setup

This group activity can be played in large numbers so it is important to find a wide area available for you to use. Whether it is indoors or outdoors ( both work just fine ), it must suit the demand of the players. Two teams will be needed for the game to work properly. Not only that, but given the fact that this is a competition that will be played under a time limit, ideally, there ought to be a person ( a referee of some sort ) who will take into account when the clock runs out. 

How to Play “Cross the Line”

Step 1.

Two parallel lines will be drawn ( one for each of the two teams ) behind which the players will align themselves.

Step 2.

The timer will be set. Once the game starts, each team member will try and convince their opponent to cross the line in the given amount of time. 

Step 3.

The participants can use any verbal means necessary in order to persuade their competitor towards crossing the line. They can either negotiate or fool the adversary into losing the game. No players, however, are allowed to touch each other. 

Step 4.

After the time runs out, the team whose members crossed the line in greater numbers has lost the game.

How to Win at “Cross the Line”

The unwritten goal of the game and the one that will lead the players towards victory is combined effort. The participants need to realize they can achieve a higher rate of success if they work together, instead of apart. The members of one team shouldn’t isolate themselves and try to accomplish something on their own. Preferably they ought to be joined by others in their mission and together they will reach their objective. 

The Benefits of Playing “Cross the Line”

This kind of contest is definitely beneficial, not only to the individual but to the unit as a whole. It favours teamwork and the development of partnerships between players. It encourages creative thinking and stimulates interesting discussions. It also creates a suitable environment where people must apply their persuasion skills and charisma towards gaining an advantage over their opponent. But what it’s considered to be a key asset is that it forces players to push boundaries and adopt a bold attitude, something that will surely come in handy in the workplace.   

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Table of Contents

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