Team Building Games

Icebreakers for teens

+30 Fun Icebreakers For Teens

Teenager (noun): a person aged between 13 and 19 years. Understanding teenagers (noun phrase): one of the toughest things you might ever have to do.

Loss of balance game

Are you looking for an interactive and fun game for your friends? “Loss of Balance” is a group game in which each participant has the

Negotiation Game

Negotiation Game is activity where the participants negotiate with each other for a few dollars. The goal of the game is to get participants to

Messenger Game

It is easy to communicate when you have no obstacles. Try the Messenger Game and see if you can talk with your full mouth. The

Back to Back Drawing

To have a proficient and well-balanced team, harmony and communication are key factors that must be cultivated. This back-to-back drawing game is a great tool

River Crossing

This particular game focuses on cooperation and coordination. It is a great way to enhance group efforts in the pursuit of a common goal. It

Four Corners Game

Four Corners Game Team Building Games This is a great game that is ready to be played by any age group. It is, however, widely

Human Knot Game

The Human Knot Game is a very effective team building game. It is quite impressive and perfect for enhancing collaboration in every emerging team. And

Minute to Win It: Moving Oranges

“Moving Oranges” is a very popular and well-known game. Although it requires a lot of energy from its participants, it is an interesting game to