Team Building Games

Loss of balance game

Are you looking for an interactive and fun game for your friends? “Loss of Balance” is a group game in which each participant has the goal of making the opponent lose his balance. This can

Negotiation Game

Negotiation Game is activity where the participants negotiate with each other for a few dollars. The goal of the game is to get participants to find creative solutions to problems. This requires communication and good

Messenger Game

It is easy to communicate when you have no obstacles. Try the Messenger Game and see if you can talk with your full mouth. The objective of the game is to understand the message spoken

Back to Back Drawing

To have a proficient and well-balanced team, harmony and communication are key factors that must be cultivated. This back-to-back drawing game is a great tool for just that. It heavily relies on the participants to

River Crossing

This particular game focuses on cooperation and coordination. It is a great way to enhance group efforts in the pursuit of a common goal. It favors the bonding of individuals and builds an environment where

Four Corners Game

Four Corners Game Team Building Games This is a great game that is ready to be played by any age group. It is, however, widely accepted and popular, especially among youngsters and teens. It can

Human Knot Game

The Human Knot Game is a very effective team building game. It is quite impressive and perfect for enhancing collaboration in every emerging team. And in that sense, we are going to skip any pleasantries

The flying balloon

Two teams struggle to make a balloon fly over the side of the opposing team, inflating the balloon and letting it fly. Balloon targeting is not only for children but also for teens and young

Cups X and 0 Game

Cups X and O glasses are a fast game and offer a great opportunity for players to concentrate and dissipate their attention and thought. It resembles a lot with, other types of games only as

Minute to Win It: Moving Oranges

“Moving Oranges” is a very popular and well-known game. Although it requires a lot of energy from its participants, it is an interesting game to try. At a first glance, the rules of the game

Do you wish to extract the best out of your workforce? Try team building games.Then build the team. There are several ways to build a team, but so far team building games have seemed most effective and interactive. For a well built and enhanced team, there’s more competition, and as a result of this, productivity and the relationship is fostered. Come to think of it, no matter how brilliant you can be, without much competition and teamwork, you can’t single-handedly decide to plan a project so it goes perfectly well, or be as productive as a whole team can be.