Camps games

Do you want to organize a camp or are you directly involved in it? Try out these camp games, they are always interesting and lively.

Skateboard in action

This game is very good outdoors on a flat surface. It's the game that involves up to 8 people and creates humor but also helps teams focus on pregnancy. The aim of the skateboard game is to collect the balls of the team's chosen color as quickly as...

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Lowering the ball

Lowering the ball is a game that offers the opportunity for more players to participate It is the game that involves communication and understanding between the participants so that the action of lowering the field tennis ball in bowl implies a good verbal...

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Tie the hands with the rope

This game is beneficial for groups of people who want to compete. Both groups will have some difficulty in all the tests. One of them is that all members of the group will be connected with a rope. The game can also be played in a single group, only as...

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Defend the gate

This game can take place wherever there is space and it is not the movement of cars or other things. The game, defend the gate, implies that the player who has the ball in the hand removes from the game another player who is with the lateral feet at...

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