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So, you’re planning your summer vacation with little or no idea how to make it a memorable experience. Summer has always been the best time to step out of that door and explore the world, but you’ll often find it challenging to fit in activities that can perform well far from home. Well, if it’s you, then you’d want to include camping games.

Camping games are engaging and need a few persons to start. Not a problem because no one goes for camping alone. You’ll have a bunch full of friends, family or new persons you can connect with over the vac. Unlike every other activity, camping games are the most effective icebreaker games…for this summer.

Camping games for adults


Every time I talk about camping games, a lot of persons thinks it’s only limited to teens and kids. No! Whether you’re an adult or a kid, if you’re camping this summer, then pick a game from our list, check for the material you need and have fun. Let’s look at some camp games for adults in the next few minutes.

1 Air Pong

To play air pong, divide the players to 2 equal teams and each team should choose a side on the table. They’ll be hitting the ball back and forth across the table until a team does not return the ball, and it falls off the table. If you’re playing, try to be as fast as possible to leave a high impact on the ball.

2. Target small gate

This game is simple, yet competitive and exciting. The players will aim to pass the ball through a small gate. Use any handy piece (a cone or box) to set up the gate 5 meters away. Once they’ve mastered the first gate, increase the distance continuously till you have a winner. You should eliminate anyone that doesn’t aim the gate correctly.

3. The Alphabet Game

Try this game when you’re chilling off. The players will write words starting with the whole alphabet, A to Z. The words can range from objects, animals, places, etc. Another version of the game is where a player has to spell a word that starts with A and the next player will pick up the last alphabet of the spelling and spell another word.

4. Telephone

Here’s another simple game. First, line up the players in a single file. The first player will whisper anything to the second, till the last player. The last person should know what the first said earlier and the communication medium is the other players. It gets more interesting when they do not convey the message to the last player.

5. Capture the Flag

Exciting and engaging. Split the layers to 2 equal teams with 1 flag for each team. The players will try to snatch the flag in their opponent’s territory and without being touched. If you can get sharp colored flags, it’s perfect for visibility. When the opponents touch a player trying to snatch their flag, the player should freeze until rescue comes. So this game requires much teamwork and tactics, camping games for kids.

Camping games for Kids


Camping games for kids are quite different. Any game you’re planning to set up must be fun so they’ll continue playing until they’re exhausted. Unlike adults, kids are always 100% involved in any game, so optimize these camping games. Here are a few camping game ideas you can consider.

6. Word Games

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you’ll love it; especially when you don’t have enough space to set up other camping games. Think about a game that allows you to develop your logic and memory without demanding a large solemn room. This one is all about setting and matching words in a funky and fun way.

7. Squirt Gun Races

Here’s another game you should try. They’ll be targeting 10 plastic bottle with a water gun, and the idea is to shoot them down from a distance. Set up the 10 plastic bottles on a table and aim from a distance, it’s this simple. You will increase the distance with time to make the game more challenging.

8. Pass the Water

You need more persons here. It’s a simple idea, filling a bowl, but it’s tricky and takes focus. The players should divide into two in a single file. All players should pick a glass, except for the last person with a bowl. Use the glass to fetch water and pour it for the next person till it reaches the last. Any group that fills the bowl first wins.

9. Horseshoes, Quoits, Muckers

This is another simple game. Here, the players will be aiming a hole. You can use any object, but make sure it’s spherical so it can roll. Chose any distance for the wholes, but make sure the player can score. You can increase the distance with time. However, if you’re using a horseshoe, that all be a great plus.

10. Obstacle Course

This remains one of the most popular camping game, and it has gained such traction because it’s so flexible and you can set it up with ease. Whether you have many players or less, you can play the obstacle course.

Some activities for obstacle course include:

  1. A) Jumping on one foot for a specific distance.
  2. B) Bag jump. Here you can select a single player from each team to jump in a bag for a distance.
  3. C) You can place a circular object like the tire for every 2-3 meters so the players will have to run through it.
  4. D) Race of a member of the team, in which a player holds his feet, that participant who walks in his hand.
  5. E) Filling a bowl with water. Here you can leave an empty bowl at a distance and water at another. The players should use a sponge to soak the water till they fill the bowl, and fast enough so the whole water won’t drip.



Table of Contents

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